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Things that You Learn in a B-School Apart from the Management Concepts

People go to a management college to get a management degree so that they can work for a reputed organization and earn a decent salary package. However, management education is much beyond Philip Kotler’s principles of management. Most of the B-Schools don’t intend to churn out managers; instead they aim to produce future leaders who can make a mark in the business world. Management students learn numerous other things apart from theoretical concepts.

  • Effective communication is a very important factor for success
    Management education cannot teach you to communicate effectively. You either learn it by practice or you never learn it. But, you cannot undermine the role that good communication plays in your professional life.
  • Theoretical knowledge is only for college time, practical knowledge is for a lifetime
    Management students cannot just be book worms. You are expected to have knowledge on various topics ranging from the business news to political scenario of the country. You need to be updated constantly.
  • Your professors are your well wishers and they ensure that you are on the right track
    Your professors always guide you and give you the right advice whenever required. They have immense knowledge and experience and you can approach them in case you need help. They will always do their best to help you.
  • You must be a go-getter. Good things don’t come easily
    You need to work hard if you want to achieve something in life. You will definitely be successful if you give your best shot. You have to work day in and day out. Don’t expect luck to favor you all the time or things to happen out of the blue.
  • It takes time to learn the ropes of management. It cannot be an overnight transformation
    You cannot become a management pro on the first day of college. Management education has no magic. You learn the different aspects of management through various activities and training. You cannot learn things till you actually experience them.
  • It is important to present yourself appropriately. You cannot wear torn jeans or flip flops everyday
    Looks may not matter as much, but it is essential to portray yourself correctly. You need to get used to formal shoes and blazer even though you may not feel comfortable initially. It is important to learn the corporate etiquettes.
  • Life starts once you step out of the college gates.
    The pressure that you face during your college days is just the tip of an iceberg. The worse is yet to come. You need to get accustomed to long working hours and hard work. It is also possible that weekend becomes an alien concept once you start working in the corporate.
  • Friends can be your biggest support system
    Friends help you during tough times. Friendships that blossom in the college campus may last forever. Besides, your friends can teach you the entire syllabus just the night before your exam.
  • Happiness is being eligible to appear for campus placement
    It seems great when you have cleared all your semesters and there is no backlog. You can sit for the college placement confidently.
  • You must know to accept rejection and never stop trying
    Finally, you will understand that not every company will select you. You may be talented, smart and better than your classmates, but you may be rejected. Don’t lose heart and keep trying. Rejection can be just another opportunity.

In short, the 2 years at a management college give you valuable lessons that you will remember throughout life.

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