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Think Wisely Choose Well!

Decisions related to education have to be taken with extreme care. When you decide to opt for an educational program, you take the reins of your career in your own hands. Thus, be it graduation or post-graduation, you have to be absolutely clear about the pros and cons of the program that you are opting for. You need to assess the reason for your choice, as to why you will choose a particular program or enroll in a particular institute. In case of higher education, such decisions are extremely imperative. As you will need to spend a substantial amount of money for enrolling into a post-graduate program that will ensure the pathway of your career, it’s important that you consider the course and the institute you are enrolling into with utmost precision.

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Management education enjoys a widespread demand in India, owing to the prosperous career opportunity that this sector offers. With more than 40% students opting for a management program in their post-graduation, there are numerous institutes and universities in India offering such programs. Thus, you need to be extremely careful in choosing the institute that will offer you an optimum learning experience and help you climb the ladder of success. Another major dilemma that you need to sort is whether you will opt for a PGDM or an MBA program.

 PGDM courses (anchor text) tend to offer a more industry-specific curriculum, when compared to an MBA course. As the curriculum of a PGDM program is monitored by autonomous institutes, it is updated at regular intervals, along the lines of the prevailing industry norms and changes. Affiliated by a university, the curriculum of an MBA program tends to be outdated and rigid. So, you will need to decide whether you will opt for a PGDM or an MBA degree. Though, apart from their affiliation, there is hardly any difference between the two and both the courses offer the same career growth- it is important for you to decide which one among the two will help you achieve your career goals.

With all aspirants, wanting to enroll for the best management programs, it is important that you consider a few things before you choose the institute from where you will be opting for the course. But who and what parameters decide the best institute or not?

Well, the following are certain parameters that will help you in selecting the perfect institute:

  • Does the institute offer AICTE approved programs?
  • Which approvals or recognitions do they have?
  • What is the placement opportunities offered?
  • What is the profile of the faculty?
  • Does the institute offer international exposure?
  • Whether the institute offers any extracurricular activities?
  • To what extent are the students offered industrial exposure?
  • What is the infrastructure of the college?
  • How well is the institute connected to the corporate world?

There are very few institutes which offer an amalgamation of all these perimeters. The Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) is one of the very few management institutes located at Lonavala, which offers a world-class quality of education, tailored-in with all the above essential characteristics.

iFEEL offers 2 years full-time PGDM program, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and leadership development. The primarily focus of the institute is to develop the inherent leadership qualities of the students, in addition to providing them with a comprehensive learning experience. iFEEL offers a residential PGDM program with specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations Management. iFEEL will gives you a pervasive knowledge of the global business scenario, through the various industrial visits that the institute organizes. What sets iFEEL aside from its contemporaries, is the corporate connect and industrial exposure that they offer.

iFEEL institute offers the most industry-specific PGDM program, coupled with an extensive corporate connect. With an impeccable record of providing 100% placement to the students, the institute gives students the pathway to a successful career.

You just need to make the right choice: opt for the institute that acts as a bridge between you and your aspirations!

 (Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) is one of the leading management institute, approved by AICTE, provides 2-years full-time PGDM to students. The institute focuses on developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills in the students. Please send us your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions at mktg@ifeel.edu.in. We welcome reactions to stories, comments on issues that interest you, feedback & comments from your side to make it more purposeful and resourceful.)

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