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Tips On Cracking The Upcoming XAT Exam

With the XAT Exam 2014 fast approaching, it is time for aspirants to begin preparations extensively. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for the exam and crack it successfully!

Management programs are in vast demand today especially following the impressive placement percentage reported by colleges and B-Schools in 2013. Top management schools in India accept the score of students in various competitive management entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, etc. for admission to full-time MBA and PGDM courses. The Xavier’s Aptitude Test (XAT) 2014 is scheduled in the month of January. With the exam fast approaching now, aspirants have already pulled up their socks in preparing for the exam. Management entrance exams in India are huge filters that select the best candidates for admission to top B-Schools and colleges. Thus, the exams are competitive and tough. Here are a few tips how you can prepare for the XAT 2014 effectively and crack the exam in first attempt.

Focus on fundamentals: Every exam demands the aspirant to apply fundamental concepts to practical scenarios. Competitive exams put up otherwise easy questions in a tricky format simply to confuse the aspirants and check their sense of judgment. For this purpose, it is of key relevance to be thorough with your fundamentals of relevant subjects such as ratio and proportion, clocks and calendars, elementary maths, usage of verbs, infinitives, participles, etc.

Practice on solving the easier questions first: Whilst you practice solving question papers, read the entire paper thoroughly and scan the questions that lie in your comfort zone. Most of the times, the tough and tricky questions are placed right at the beginning. Do not waste your time in figuring the answers for these; instead concentrate on the questions that are your strong areas.

Learn from mistakes: It is obvious that you commit mistakes while practicing and solving sample question papers. Instead of determining your score in the paper, concentrate on which answers you got wrong and figure out the reason. Learning from mistakes is the most effective way of practicing.

Purchase puzzle books and solve them: One of the most difficult part in the XAT exam is that of Analytical Skills and Decision Making. You get unexpected and tricky questions in this part that you cannot guess. The best way to deal with this is solve puzzles extensively from well-known puzzle books.

Develop speed in essay writing: The XAT exam includes a section on Essay Writing which requires you to complete an essay in merely 20 minutes. Also, the topics of the essays are growing diverse and complex year by year. Practice writing essays on complex subjects of national interest within the stipulated time so that you need not struggle much in the exam.

With these few preparation tips, you can clear the upcoming XAT Exam successfully. Some of the top MBA colleges in Mumbai accept scores in XAT exam for admission to their management degree programs.

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