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MBA or PGDM Program

Tips to Survive and Succeed in an MBA or PGDM Program

Are you enrolling in a PGDM program this year or already a part of it? It is not so easy to stay motivated and perform consistently throughout the course. Students are very excited when they join, but gradually they lose motivation. Some of them are able to handle the pressure while others fail to get impressive grades. Placement season does not prove to be a good time for everyone. Let’s see, how can students survive and succeed in a management program.

Surround yourself with positive people

You will meet different types of people in your PGDM College. Some might motivate you while others may not be so positive about life. It is essential to be with the kind of people who make you happy and not distract you from your goal. Do not get affected by peer pressure. Your friends are important, but you should be clear with your priorities.

Consider the opinion of your teachers

Your teachers can be your best guide. Take an opinion from them whenever you find yourself in a dilemma. Don’t go against them. They have many years of experience and you can benefit from it. Try to avoid bunking lectures during the PGDM program. In short, be in the good books of your professors and dean.

Set a goal for yourself

You cannot be aimless at this point in your life. Don’t take each day as it comes; instead set definite short term and long term goals for yourself. Strive to accomplish them, even if it is tough. Try to seek improvement. Nobody is perfect, but each one of us can improve and get better.

Focus on overall personal growth

Don’t just focus on grades during your PGDM course. Along with marks, you should also focus on cultivating leadership and interpersonal skills. Participate in extra-curricular activities in your college. Try public speaking. It will help you gain confidence. Additionally, interact with as many people as you can. All this will lead to overall growth and help you in the long run.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

Most importantly, enjoy every day at your PGDM College. Once you step out of college, you will find no time to have fun. Friends will be busy in their own life. Live your life to the fullest during this time.

Explore as much as you can

Learn as many new things as you can. Try to learn from people’s experience. Read a lot of things, it will help you in the long run. Participate in events of the other colleges. It will help you in networking.

Don’t lose hope. Stay strong

Many of your friends may get placed in good companies before you. Don’t worry and don’t lose hope. It is not possible to succeed in the first attempt. Prepare yourself before interviews. Spend a good amount of time in perfecting your resume. Remember, you will definitely get all that you deserve.

It is advisable that students should maintain their calm and try to make the most of the two years of their PGDM course.

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