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Dr.Vaijaynti Pandit iFEEL develops entrepreneurs as well as managers to create responsible global citizens !
Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL), prepares the students to be future ready, ignites the entrepreneurial spark and coaches them to be responsible citizens in this ever- changing world of business. It is a school with a difference which researches the market trends and responds to the change with innovative ideas and practices.

Gurukul Model: Being a residential “B” school, the student leaves the comforts of his home to focus on gaining knowledge and towards the pursuit of carving a career be it a world class Manager or successful entrepreneur. The 2-Year ACITE Approved PGDM Program affords optimal opportunities for all round growth and development. Sharing makes learning fun! Students learn immensely from the Pan India enrolment of multiple graduation disciplines and share knowledge from the four management streams that they choose for the course.

Industry Connect & Collaborative Projects: Frequent interactions with Managers of multiple disciplines from renowned companies gives opportunities to students to get a flavor of their future roles and responsibilities. Visits to industries in India and abroad, two month summer internship with companies help the students to gain first- hand knowledge and find solutions to real life business issues. Students get unique opportunities to work collaboratively with industry mentors and are encouraged to solve problems and come up with solutions.

Training Ground for Entrepreneurs: Not everyone can become an entrepreneur! iFEEL provides a congenial environment for the ones with a “E” spark to hone their skills and convert ideas into profitable businesses through the RAIN lab where ideas can be tested. Innovation and Entrepreneurship are two sides of the same coin. iFEEL has a track record of achieving wonders in both. Entrepreneurial Leadership is the ability to translate dreams to reality!

Physical Fitness & Discipline: The verdant, lush green surroundings in the lap of nature are ideal for jogging, walking, with facilities Yoga and Gymn. Good health is a pre-requisite for success in any walk of life. It is believed that physical fitness leads to fiscal fitness! The disciplined structure and processes in iFEEL are corporatized to prepare the students to enter the business world and succeed. Rewards and Recognitions generously given are strong motivators.

I am reminded of Nelson Mandela’s quote “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Dr. Vaijayanti Pandit
Director, iFEEL