Programs and Events at iFEEL Management institute

At iFEEL our aim is to provide exposure and interaction opportunities with practicing managers and to the work place culture and environment across different business sectors. Over the last 4 months the students have undergone an Industrial visit to study the various operations , processes and departmental functions in a manufacturing Unit.

iFEEL has also organized training for executives and managers from corporate on its Campus. Being a residential campus, the interaction time that students get when corporate participants are on campus is invaluable.

“i4 :Ignite, Involve, Innovate & Inspire” The series is designed to bring about interaction between industry leaders and experienced professionals with young students at iFEEL and share a perspective of the changes, challenges and opportunities across different business sectors and how they, as young corporate citizens need to prepare. As part of the i6 series, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs engage with the students and exchange Cases and Stories about their business sectors, inspiring innovative changes taking place and key innovations that have changed how business functions in a particular sector.