Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Program Structure
iFEEL offers 2-years full-time PGDM Program, emphasizing on Entrepreneurship and Leadership development. The AICTE approved PGDM Program is spread across 8 trimesters over a period of 2-years. The first year (4 trimesters) is based on the general subjects of management. Students can choose a specialization, according to their domain of interest, in the second year. We offer specializations in 4 subjects, namely:-
» Marketing Management
» Finance Management
» Human Resource Management
» Operations Management

Live Projects, Internships and Seminars:
- We provide PGDM program accompanied by various live projects that needs to be undertaken by the students. Such project helps the students to groom their overall personality and deal with real-time business situations.

- At the end of the 1st year, we provide the students with Summer Internship Project (SIP), which is of 2 months’ duration. The SIP needs to be compulsorily undertaken by all the students. The project aims to expose students to the working environment of the corporate world and sharpen their managerial skills

- The students get opportunity to participate in a number of seminars, during the course of the program. Out of all the seminars, each student needs to be nominate 3 seminars to be reported in their grade card

The Credit Rating System:
• The concept of credits is used to define the weightage of a course in the curriculum. Each course has two or three credits, depending on the topics covered in the same.
• ‘One Credit’ connotes 10 classroom contact hours, ‘Two Credit’ involves 20 classroom contact hours and so on.
• We offer a total of 168 credit, for all the 69 subjects of the PGDM Program

Elective Subjects:
The Elective Subjects are offered in the 4th, 5th and 6th trimester. The specific elective subject of each of the terms is indicated to the students and they need to make their choice of credits term-wise. For a particular elective subject to be offered, it needs to be enrolled by minimum 5 of the students

Evaluation Procedure:
The Evaluation Procedure for the PGDM course is based on:-
• Course-Wise Evaluation (Grade Point-GP)
• Term-Wise Evaluation (Grade Point Average-GPA)
• Cumulative Term-Wise Evaluation (Cumulative Grade Point Average-CGPA)

Value Added Certifications:
In our constant effort to present the students with a comprehensive learning experience, we provide them with unique domain-specific certificate courses:-




  Certification Name


   Certification Body




  Digital Marketing






  Banking Sector Module and Financial Market’s Advanced Module






  Six Sigma




  Human Resources


  Certified HR Staffing Manager and Recruitment Excellence