Customized Management Development Program

Customised MDP in following areas
MDP Customised Graph

Corporate packages are entirely tailor made to suit a client's training needs. A team of iFEEL first interacts with the management of the sponsor and acquaints itself with the company's Goals and objectives.

It then identifies specific gaps (training needs) which needs particular attention. Based on company's feedback a tailor made program is developed for the company. It is then discussed and approval is obtained.

Strategic Management Program

  • Building Indian Multinational
  • Corporate level strategy
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Designing and Executing Competitive Strategies
  • Global Strategic Management
  • Risk Management
  • Strategy – Sustaining competitive advantage
  • Turnaround strategies: Turning loss to profit
  • Key Executive Program
  • Aligning strategies and sales
  • Leadership development
  • Advanced management program / General management program
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Corporate planning strategies
  • Contract Manufacturing strategies

Leadership and Change

  • Managing Employee performance management system for corporate excellence
  • Building organizational culture for performance
  • Leading product innovation
  • Genuine Leadership development
  • Leadership for senior Executive
  • Business leader·High potential leadership program
  • Managing talent for strategic advantage
  • Interpersonal dynamics for high-performance executives
  • Encouraging and developing entrepreneurs
  • Innovative business practices

Operations Management

  • Strategies and leadership in supply chain
  • Make or Buy? Outsourcing Dilemma
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Operations strategy and Manufacturing in a global village
  • Achieving sustainable competitiveness through Lean Transformation across organization
  • Increasing inventory turnover
  • Operation and maintenance management
  • Production planning and control
  • Theory of constraints
  • Poka Yoke – Mistake Proofing
  • Strategic quality management
  • 7 QC and 7 New management tools for quality management.

Marketing and Sales Performance

  • Strategic market planning for profitability and growth
  • Advance sales force and distribution management
  • CRM Strategies
  • Leveraging distribution channels to achieve success in Indian markets
  • Business to Business Marketing Strategies
  • Cracking most difficult competitors
  • Managing sales and people
  • Customer centric management
  • Customer Advocacy: Beyond CRM and Customer Delight
  • Marketing services

Training, Learning, Teaching and development

  • Train the Trainer
  • Action learning
  • Coaching and mentoring skills·Measuring and Evaluating learning
  • Management games and simulation for trainers and facilitators
  • Case method of teaching and training

Service Management Programs

  • Building client management capabilities in professional service firms
  • Growing a professional service firm
  • Leading professional service firm
  • Managing and Transforming professional service firm.


  • Financial Management
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management
  • International Finance
  • Management of Finances

Personal Development, Skill Development Programs

  • Lead your career
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Business Etiquettes and Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strengthening workplace relationships
  • Career planning and talent management
  • Business communication skills