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Special Highlights

iFEEL has the philosophy of imparting education centers on the creation of a true learning environment. To achieve this, the Institute encourages the use of a wide range of pedagogical methods and strongly emphasizes experimentation for further innovation. Case analysis, role-plays, participant presentation, use of computer software, simulation and games, lecture-cum-discussions are among the teaching methods commonly used. Individual and team learning are equally emphasized.

Equal importance is assigned to in-classroom and off-classroom learning. Students are encouraged to carry out projects in their course, based on fieldwork and/or computerized databases. Factory visits help the students to experience and appreciate live industrial problems.

This multi-disciplinary approach helps in knowledge pool creation and all round development to produce result oriented managers. A variety of seminars are organized by students and faculty members during the academic session. There is a strong belief that true management education goes beyond the classroom.

A capstone exercise rounds-off the student’s learning experience by applying concepts of management in an integrated fashion. Both individual and team learning are, therefore, equally emphasized aspects of the learning process.

Broadly the Learning system has 3 Layers
1. Academic: The academic layer provides the conceptual base required across various subjects.
2. Professional: The professional layer applies practical skills and industry experience.
3. Personal: The personal layer provides coaching and mentoring to every student individually.