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" I did my summer internship with Oxygen Healthcare communication, Goa; it was good exposure wherein I got an opportunity to apply various method and concept that I have learnt at iFEEL. 2 months hard work paid off when I got a platform to present my internship project at E4 competition, which is a National Level Competition wherein B-School from all over India participates. Till now I have gone through 3 rounds on that basis top101 students from all over India are selected. And it is a very proud moment for me that I made into the list of top101 student and representing my college iFEEL in the race. Overall, it is a very good experience in terms of learning & exposure. Let’s hope for the best …….. ”
- Lalit Kumar Batch 2015 - 2017
Summer internship with Oxygen Healthcare Communication

"iFEEL institute has contributed a lot to my career. It was a very good journey at iFEEL. Got to learn new things, met with new friends. Mentors and faculties played a vital role in overall development of me. Thanks iFEEL for GCL program where I learnt many things which will help me in my professional career to a long run. Special thanks to professor Deepa Dixit ma’am for her guidance throughout the course of PGDM at iFEEL."
- Rahul Ugale, Batch 2014 - 2016

"I can positively say iFEEL management institute has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive."
- Sourabh Thakkar, Batch 2014 - 2016
Associate - Policy and Administration, ALL State Private Ltd

" iFEEL has helped me fulfil my dreams. The experience at management institute has been a life changing one, and one which I will cherish throughout my life. The interaction with the faculties and the peers helped me shape my personality and made me a better person."
- Avinash Pagere, Batch 2014 - 2016
Associate - Policy and Administration, ALL State Private Ltd

" The Journey at iFEEL Management College in Lonavala ,Pune, Lonavala was one of a kind and merely saying fantastic and awesome wouldn’t do any justice to the experience what I had. iFEEL provided me the platform that made me who I am today and also improved my skills and ability to strive for more. Every time there was a new challenge and newer things to learn every day. The kind of exposure iFEEL gave us truly enlightening. “ iFEEL is not a college it’s a one big family to whom we can count on! ” ”
- Dilip Vishwakarma, Batch 2014 - 2016
Associate - Policy and Administration, ALL State Private Ltd

" Before coming to iFEEL I never knew that there can be so much in me which can be proven. iFEEL gave me opportunity and guidance to explore my talent. May it be GCL project with 'Think Why Not' or my project in Dubai with 'Globuzz' or my internship with 'Purple Squirrel Eduvanture' each project I worked on was making me push myself a level up. E-cell in iFEEL gave spark to intrapreneur in me. And now I'm ready to role of Project Manager at WebXpress. ”
- Harsh Vasani Batch 2014 - 2016
Project Manager, WebXpress

" I owe a Debt of Gratitude to iFEEL for shaping up my attitude in the right direction and for being such a perfect place that offers the best possible grounding for the path we are about to take. iFEEL has given me the opportunity to understand, explore and realize my potential in a better way along with the appropriate exposure for overall development. iFEEL has not only academically fulfilled me but also well prepared to lead with strength. I thank college for its excellent placement support and getting me placed in ASPL. iFEEL offers an excellent mix of industry and academic exposure. I express my respect and gratitude to all my teachers and love and affection to my colleagues of iFEEL for their support. ”
- Akshata Shrivasta Batch 2014 - 2016
Accounting, ALL State Private Ltd

" Being an iFEELITE was one of my best and unique decision in my entire life, though i had lot options but i chose iFEEL over all and today i can proudly say that i am an iFEELITE. The exposure we got in these 2 year of PGDM course cannot be compare with any other institute. Honestly i was lucky to have such a beautiful campus with awesome faculties who has helped us in every step we took. Finally i would like to thank all my classmates who were always there for me. ”
- Amit Mishra Batch 2014 - 2016
Assistant Manager, Franchise India

" iFEEL has given me the best platform of Knowledge, Values and Skills which are essential in this competitive world. It has enriched me both professionally and personally. It has Residential Campus, Best Infrastructure, Class Room Training and a Wonderful Environment which has broaden my skill. I am grateful to this institute and faculty. It has helped me land in a career I Love and couldn't be happier. ”
- Ranjana Kumari Batch 2014 - 2016
Asst Manager - Sales, Disha Direct

" iFEEL institute has contributed a lot in my life through the experience and exposure in GCL Projects, Entrepreneurship, extra- curricular activity etc. The best thing about iFEEL is its Residential Campus which helped me to groom myself as well as to learn from every individual around me. Placement cell helped us to get good companies and good packages too where I can use all my knowledge I got from iFEEL.”
- Sanket Kulkarni, Batch 2014- 2016
Business Development Manager, Babystep.TV

" iFEEL has been a life changing experience for me. It was quite tough for me to take decision 2 years back but I realize it was a good decision. iFEEL institute has contributed to my growth in terms of personality and professionalism. iFEEL has broadened the horizon in terms of my thinking and the way to look at the things. I feel proud to say today i am an iFEEL-ite and am assured each and every student will think in the same way. ”
- Amit Singh, Batch 2014 - 2016
ADOR Group

" iFEEL institute has contributed a lot in my life through the experience and exposure in GCL Projects, Entrepreneurship, extra- curricular activity etc. The best thing about iFEEL is its Residential Campus which helped me to groom myself as well as to learn from every individual around me. Placement cell helped us to get good companies and good packages too where I can use all my knowledge I got from iFEEL.”
- Priya Singh, Batch 2014 - 2016
Disha Direct

"iFEEL educates in a very creative way and encourages to think out of the box. It gives great opportunities to broaden the knowledge beyond the field of studies with an international exposure. ‘I Feel‘ that iFEEL has offered me the best opportunity for development of my skills in community interaction and development. ”
- Parth Gupta, Batch 2014 - 2016
Magic Bricks

"iFEEL has played a vital role in making me what I am today. In just 2 years, iFEEL has not only made me come out of my shell but also helped me to train myself for the difficult years ahead. iFEEL has the kind of environment where you get to grow and learn collectively with your fellow classmates. It has helped me to develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. ”
- Kajal Bhagat, Batch 2014 - 2016
Acquist India

" IFEEL – A beautiful campus amidst nature, it was the best decision that I made in 2014 to take admissions in this institute. Learning has always been fun here for me. I think I was blessed enough to have such wonderful professors to guide me all along the journey of iFEEL. Those late night assignments, group studies, the entire GCL experience was super amazing. And then getting placed with such a surprising package is a dream come true for me. I think IFEEL Management institute is the only place to explore yourself like I did ”
- Sumeet Hule, PGDM 2014- 2016
Ador Group of Industries.

"5000 feet above, 50 feet below and 500 adventures in between that’s where I see my experience of the iFEEL journey. The individuality in me that has got nurtured in this institution has got a lot to do with where I am today. Analyzing problems with an eagle’s view and tackling the same with a 360 degree approach, was something which got imbibed in me over the span of these 2 years. The GCL program was the most reflective program which taught me to transform oceans of data into one insight that really caters to the problem by all means. Thus I see every problem as an opportunity to see my competitors in my rearview mirror. Nothing gets a greater value than recognition and I realized its meaning in iFEEL to its true context!! "
- Jerin Philip , PGDM 2014- 2016
Ador Group of Industries.

"Doing PGDM at iFEEL was one of the best decisions of my life. Despite of being an emerging management institute, it has given me lots and lots of opportunity to explore myself, through which I have created my own identity. Now I can finally answer who I really am. In today's practical world it’s very important to have practical exposure and iFEEL has provided that to me. As a result I am ready to deal with any sort of challenge which will come in my way. Thank you iFEEL..!!"
- Amit Pandey , PGDM Batch 2014-16
Ador Group of Industries.

"Being at iFEEL was more about exploring a new thing every day, facing new assignments with new challenges and solving them effectively. iFEEL has been a life changing experience, it always gave me opportunity to know more about me and taught me that future is not only about doing right things but also the learn the art of doing things in a right way."
- Swati Chavan, PGDM Batch 2013-15
TATA Rallis

"iFEEL molds you in such a way that after completing 2 years of PGDM you know where you stand, shouldering greater responsibilities. Although not being an IIM college, the amount of attention you get from the professors is unimaginable."
- Ms. Disha Pawa, PGDM Batch 2012-14

"I am thankful to iFEEL for giving me excellent opportunities to explore my talent and also realize my dreams. It helped me develop entrepreneurial skills with my small retail start up 'YO' suppliers in college campus. My leadership ability got polished by being part of GCL training program at iFEEL."
- Suraj Kanal, PGDM Batch 2013-15
Disha Direct Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.

"I benefited from close interaction with corporates at the beautiful campus of iFEEL Institute. Certainly, my time at iFEEL Management college was a life-changing experience. Now I see the world with new eyes, thanks to my time here."
- Avani Juvekar,PGDM Batch 2012-14
Pfizer India

"iFEEL has been a life changing experience, especially for me. The exposure and the platform that ifeel provides cannot be compared to any other B-schools. Education and infrastructure is incomparable to any of the Top B-schools in Mumbai ,Pune or India. The residential campus is also one of the most important aspects as it builds you as an individual. Anyone looking for overall growth and developing ones personality will most certainly receive the mentoring and guidance to shape up"
- Heman Sarlaya, PGDM Batch 2012-14,

" IFEEL has been a journey for me wherein I have come to know myself better, recognized my potential, my strengths and my weaknesses. It has given me an opportunity to learn without fear, get global exposure through the international faculty, International study tour to Japan and the mind boggling sessions of the Global Citizen Leader program offered by CCL, USA.
The GCL program taught me that every problem is an opportunity and teaches you how to analyze things in different ways and not to jump into judgments. iFEEL helped me to polish my skill sets and enhanced my leadership qualities and also helped me to understand areas where I need to improve. The faculty members are very supportive and have always motivated me to reach the top. These two years of learning have been an awesome journey. iFEEL will be a life time memory for me"
- Shweta Mamania, PGDM Batch 2012-14,
Scott-Sport India

"The GCL project in both the years at iFEEL made a lot of impact on me. The concept of being with the problem for sometime rather than jumping to solutions has helped me not be judgmental and use observation as a tool to understand the problem deeper. This has made me make better decisions at work and in life. Another part of the project that helped me in my work is the prototyping. Now being conditioned to it, I make mental prototypes of possible solutions and choose the best one. For me, being at iFEEL was more about knowing myself. The new surroundings with new people gave me a chance to unlearn what I thought I am and begin a fresh. These 2 years taught me that life is not about being extraordinary but about being consistent and committed to self and the people you care."
- Agnes Thomas, PGDM Batch 2012-14,
Print Stop

Germany was a memorable experience. International .Internship with the renowned "Siemens", that too in their homeland, opened a new perspective for me. My pre-departure preparation with respect learning a new language "German", some basic insights on cultural and professional behavior that iFEEL faculty provided me were valuable lessons.
- Sandeep Kumar, PGDM Batch 2011 - 2013
Seimens, Germnay

Coming out of a Top B-School in this international market had made me think whether my managerial learning would work here. But I was amazed how my practical training at iFEEL management institute has made me a apt for any market. Probably that is the reason why I have been successful in handling retail activations and tourism.
- Chirag Soni, PGDM Batch 2010 - 2012
Globuzz, Dubai