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On behalf of all our faculty, staff and students at Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL), I am pleased to welcome you to the school and to our website. Being a management school with a technological edge, provides a tremendous opportunity to our students to excel in a forward thinking, technology rich environment. This is the place where business embraces technology so our graduates are business educated, applications focused and success driven.

We are committed to providing a solid foundation in business and management with a hands-on, experiential learning environment with small classes and opportunities to co-op or intern with leading corporations throughout the region and to work with start-up companies in small business incubator to learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and product innovation.

We are extremely proud of our faculty (both in-house & external) who breathe life and excitement into our PGDM program and pursue scholarly research in a myriad of areas from marketing strategies and financial bubbles to organizational behaviour, big data analytics, entrepreneurship and operations management. Our research facility provides opportunities for all our faculty and students to pursue advanced research in business and management.

Our faculty has collaborated with business leaders and outside faculty to develop unique competitive challenges for students to demonstrate and showcase an understanding of integrating business with technology in a multidisciplinary team based environment where innovative skills and creativity are critical to success. Also our faculty is proud of its rich culture of diversity and inclusive excellence that make iFEEL an exciting place to work and learn.

We invite you to explore our website to know us a bit better and discover life at iFEEL. In case you have any queries or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at director@ifeel.edu.in

Dr Raja Roy Choudhury, PhD(Eco), PhD(Psy), Harvard (CE)