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International Doctoral Thesis Conference

International Doctoral Thesis Conference (5th & 6th February, 2011)

The 2 day conference saw as many as 78 research scholars across the globe presented their research work related to diverse fields like economics , finance , human resource management, operation research , marketing, insurance , general management ,accounts,education, environment among others.

Topics Presented at the International Doctoral Thesis Conference

1 Organization Development : Present & Future Dr. Sarita Kumari
2 Consolidating the BPO Advantage Mrs. Hermione Salazar
3 Using the case study research method in supply chain management: An example
from a pharmaceutical company
Prof. Subroto Chatterjee
4 A Predictive Model FOR Customer Churn In Telecom Industry Prof. Jayalekshmi.K.R
5 Role of anbience in Customer Pulling Dr. (Mrs.) Meena R. Chandawarkar
P. Mohankumar
6 A comparative Study of Customer preference for LCD AND PLASMA colour TV:An overview Dr. Mukul A. Burghate
Prof. Nitin A. Kubde
7 Evaluation Of Marketing Performance Of Dairy Industry In Western Maharashtra In
Post Liberalization Period
Prof. Samadhan K. Khamkar
8 A Comparative Study Between Airtel And Vodafone Users In City Of Mumbai. Dr. H S Cheema
Prof. Vinay Pandit
9 A study of Customer satisfaction towards Shopping malls in Mumbai Dr. H S Cheema
Prof Arun Poojari
10 The Role Of Co-Operative Sugar Factories In The Development Of The Economy Of Maharashtra, With Special Reference To The Malegaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Prof. Gopa Das
11 A Empirical Study on the demographic pattern influencing the Preferences of the Farmers towards Green Products Dr. H S Cheema
Prof. M. Gowri Shankar
12 A Study On Consumer Cooperatives In The Region Of Mumbai Dr. H S Cheema
Prof. Sneha Chavan
13 Marketing Of Bank’s Credit Cards Prof. Shailesh S. Shrivastava
14 Priti Pravinchandra Chheda Economic Security Against Rising Risks In Agriculture And Allied Sectore
15 Employee Engagement in Today's Changing Scenario Dr. Anjan Kumar Maiti
16 A Study of Production and Marketing of Raisins in Nashik District Dr. Adinath J. More
17 Growing Importance Of Corporate Social Resposibities In Corporate Houses Sudha Singh

1 Difference Between Indian Accounting Standards And Ifrs. With Special Refrence To Insurance Sector In India. Dr. Madhu Gupta
CA.Subhash Pralhad Desai
2 Accounting maintenance system: An overview Dr. S. T. Gadade Dr. Kaustubh Sontakke
3 Protecting investors – An overview Dr. Kaustubh A. Sontakke Dr. Kruttika K. Sontakke
4 ATM’s And Their Impact On Indian Banking Industry Dr. Sapna Modi
5 Relationship between Trade and FDI: Evidence from Food Processing Sector in India Pravin Jadhav
6 Challenges Before Factoring Companies In Financing To Msme Dr. Nishikant Jha
Prof. Rajkumar Tiwari
7 FDI And Fii Impact On BSE SENSEX: Reality And Myth Rajan J.Nandola
8 IFRS in Retail Sector Rajeshri Soni/ Ganesh Tondlekar
9 Managerial Emphasis in respect of STATE TRADING CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD. with the help of Accounting Equation Prof. Kharat Rahul S.
10 Reverse Mortgage–The Indian Scenario Shital A. Vakilna
11 An Accounting Outsourcing – A Global Scenario Dr.Shrikrishna S. Mahajan
CA. Aditya A. Sontakke
12 Crowding In and Crowding Out Impact of FDI on Indian Economy Prof. Aditi Sawant
13 Cloud Computing For Rural Banking Sharmila Gaikwad
Nilesh Rathod

1 Emotional Intelligence of School and Professional College Students: An Empirical Study Dr. Rajendra Prasad Mohanty
Shamira Malekar
2 Role Of Women Entreprenure In Khadi Village Industries Prof. Rakhee Kelaskar
3 Measurement of Quality of Engineering Education in Some of the Colleges Under Pune University Area Dr. N.D.Junnarkar
4 A Study Of The Role Of Cidco In The Development Of Navi Mumbai With Special Reference To The Period From1996 To 2002 Dr. G.Y. ShitoleDr. Mrs. Elizabeth Mathews
5 Cost-effectiveness of the purchase system of the college Prof. Bharat. D. Karhad
6 A Study of Employee satisfaction in Knowledge Industry Prof. Shashi Gupta


7 Distance Learners: Perceptions And Performance Dr. Vijayeshwari Rao
8 Socio-Economic Life of Women in Unorganised Sector Dr. Shashi Mishra
9 An Evaluatory study of Self-Help Women’s Thrift Groups in Parbhani District (Maharashatra) Dr. Wawle Vijaykumar Gulabrao
10 Yogic Practices And Fitness Components Of Boys 16 To 18 Years Prof. Shraddha Jadhav
11 Effect Of Fartlek And Interval Training On Selected Athletic Events Of Boys Aged From 14 To 16 Years. Dr. R D MishraProf. Vidya Kulkarni
12 Service Quality Of Hospitals In India Prof. Shivakumar. R. Sharma
13 Management Of Public And Private Hospitals In Madhya Pradesh Prof. Pragya Bhargava
14 Role of ICT in transforming Primary healthcare in rural area – healing through technology Prof S A Mandavawalla
15 Public Health Statisttics In Maharashtra: A Comparative Study Dr. Nagendra Nath Pandey. Ujjvala Ajit Phatak.
16 Measurement of Quality Governing factors of Engineering Education Dr. N.D.Junnarkar

1 Studies On Cytological Analysis And
Genotypic Variation In Some Cultivated
Varieties Of Capsicum Annuum L
Dr.Cheema SK
2 Evolution of Entrepreneurs in The Indian Aviation Industry and Factors Affecting their sustenance: A Study of Entrepreneurs in Aviation Maintenance & Air Char. Business Praveen Kumar Shrivastava
3 On Partial Differential Operators Dr. Prabha S. Rastogi
Prof. Sunil S. Chokhani
4 Applications of Linear Programming Problems and
Non Linear Programming Problems in Industry
Dr. N N Pandey
Prof. Swati Desai
5 Preview on Water Pollution along some Rivers and Creeks of India R M Mishra
Prof. Manisha Trivedi
6 Impact Of Climate Change On Rainfall And Crop Productivity Dr. Chetana Pravinchandra Chheda