A bunch of self-motivated students work to develop entrepreneurial skills by participating in relevant competitions from around the country. The students develop leadership and analytical skills. Also, it keeps their competitive spirit alive by encouraging healthy competition with other top institutes of MBA and management studies.

iFEEL’s Entrepreneurship Cell was recognized at the National Entrepreneurship Challenge 2015 and 2017 at IIT Bombay due to its entrepreneurship ecosystem in the campus. The following are the features of the E-Cell:

  • iFEEL curriculum includes the credits of entrepreneurship activities as it is part of the semester system.
  • 18 again: Students, who opt out of the placement process of the college, are given a time period of 18 months to try out their business ideas. If they are not successful in their venture, they can come back for the placement process.
  • D- Baithak: A space for start-up businesses will be given free of charge or at a very nominal rate to run his/her business for 18 months.
  • Collaborate to create: Cross Domain workshops and tie-ups with other colleges.
  • E-Steps workbook: The students are provided guidance by professional mentors from different sectors.