How diversity among faculty in B-schools offers academic and intellectual freedom to the students

With the diversified economic perspectives and globalization, it has become necessary to equip business schools with highly qualified and experienced faculty. A good business school is the complete setup which prepares the students to be hired by the firms outside their campus. To match up the competition in the market, companies hire graduates with varied cognitive abilities than mere degrees.

The role of faculty in B-schools

In order to train students from diversified fields, business schools are increasing diversity among the faculty. Professors and teachers from different backgrounds are working towards contributing to the training of students.

In the top PGDM colleges in India, the role of faculty is not just limited to the classrooms, they also contribute to the functioning of the college by updating the curriculum, developing new programs and policies, innovating new teaching techniques and mentoring the students. They aim at creating new knowledge through research, conducting workshops, participating in seminars and making progressive changes in the teaching methodology.

In business schools, there is a need for diverse faculty to enrich the programs culturally and ensure progress in the corporate world. The diversity of fields and community should be reflected in the faculty. Our real world consists of different reflections and on that note our academicians at iFeel believe it is necessary that knowledge must contribute to the lukewarm economic conditions of the global and domestic market. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the information provided to the students should be a mixture of teaching and research, especially in the management programs. In this field, it is the innovations in the methodology which equip the students with the skills required to excel in the market.

iFeel bringing expertise from various industries through its faculty

Realizing the need to bring diversity in the faculty for ensuring that the students have varied viewpoints and more exposure, the faculty at iFeel Lonavala comprises of core professors, visiting faculty and guest lecturers and speakers. While the core faculty includes professors and lecturers of the college itself, the latter consists of leaders and change-makers from different industries. Under their mentorship and through their experiences, students get a wider exposure of the corporate world.

Determined to transform the students into future entrepreneurs, our faculty is constantly striving to contribute to the institute and the industry as well.

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