IOS Application Development Certification

What is iOS Application Development?
iOS (originally iPhone Operating System) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. and is distributed exclusively for the gadgets manufactured by Apple. It is the operating software of all the devises of Apple, like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, to name a few. The software tends to be dynamic in nature, with up-gradations taking place on a cumulative basis.

About the Course:
The certificate course in iOS Application Development aims to make the students proficient in launching iOS based applications on the Apple App store. In addition to explaining the Swift programming basics - an additional benefit of the iOS course, it is fashioned primarily transform the candidates into a capable Mobile App Developer.

Program Details:

Program Benefits:

  • Understand the basics of iphone development
  • Gain expert knowledge about handling local device database such as SQlite & Core Data
  • Understanding advanced graphics involved in IOS Application development
  • Gain proficiency in integrating notifications centre with member devices
  • Understand how to generate techniques for 3P-APIs
  • Implement the launching of an App on the Apple app store
  • Understand the basic features of Swift Programming

Requirements for this course:
  • No coding experience required.
  • A Mac computer running Xcode (free from Apple)
  • Alternative to a real Mac is OS X running on a virtual machine

Who Should go for this Course?

  • Mobile developers
  • Web developers
  • Entrepreneurs with an IOS Application blueprint
  • IT Project Managers
  • Testing professionals
  • Software developers
  • Software architects
Assessment Mechanism
  • Internal assessment- Participants would need to make a Project which would carry 25 marks
  • External assessment- Participants would take an Objective type MCQ exam which would carry 100 marks and which would be reconverted to 75 marks There would be 50 MCQ questions in total.
  • The participant can attempt the exam after completion of 6 months of program duration





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 iOS Application Development