Learning And Development Events


“You never know your abilities, until they are explored.”
And for us, the E-summit of IIT Bombay was a platform to explore our abilities wherein they announced a case study competition consisting of case studies across a variety of genres, ranging from Finance to Marketing and Operation to Strategy. We played at our strengths and participated in Operations, beating the colleges in the league of Symbiosis, K. J. Somaiya, SIES, Amity, etc.

The case study revolved around the key areas of management like Logistics, Distribution Channel, Inventory Management and HR, challenging our core concepts. This was an amazing opportunity, not just experiencing the E-summit at IIT Bombay, the fest, the crowd, the liveliness, but a lifelong memory of securing the 1st place under the title of “IIT”.

We were proud of the moment where we not only got the chance to represent iFEEL, but also to take it to great heights. – “Proud to be an iFEELite.”

It has been long acknowledged that the Case Study is probably the only method in which core management competencies can be imparted to novice managers. It is a pedagogy recognized and followed by Business Schools of repute ranging from Harvard Business School to the Indian Institute of Management.

iFEEL runs an unique in-house Case Study Club, christened the Alpha Beta Case Study Club which offers training and opportunities for members to practise case studies with each other. Case interviews are probably the most intensive and difficult challenge in the recruitment process to join a reputable organization. Hence, by joining the Case Study Club, you would be given the opportunities to learn about different frameworks as well as to practise them with other fellow members under the supervision of an expert mentor. Every week the club will focus on specific business situations: Motivating employees, leadership and teams, human resources, customer care, falling profit, product launching, entering new market, pricing, and competition etc. during the case sessions. By attending the practice sessions you will strengthen the skills desirable in management: analytical, presentation, attention to detail, quantitative and being flexible with on-the-spot thinking.

The club will discuss cases on organizations like Amazon, Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, IBM, Google, TCS, Coco Cola, Novartis, FaceBook, and many others of international repute.

The E-Cell of iFEEL hosted a Panel Discussion on 2nd April 2016. The discussion was based on “The Role of Social Media in HR Excellence”.

The dignitaries who presided over the discussion included Ms.Mithu Seth, Vice President & Talent Acquisition Head- Internal Complaints Committee DBOI Global Services Limited (Deutsche Bank Group), Mr. Deepak Gadekar, Head of HR at Voltas and Mr.Ashok Purohit, Managing Partner at Spire Global.

The last term of Global Citizen Leaders (GCL) was conducted at the iFEEL campus, on the 28th and 29th March. The program focused on acquainting the students with the varied real-time business scenarios, through live projects and presentations. 12 teams from the PGDM batch of 2015-2017 had participated in the event and undertaken projects from various companies. Some of the companies included Ador Group, TATA Rallis, Da Milano, Lishi Laser, etc.

Team Zealous won the first prize for their project named Ador-Food for All, followed by Team Glamour Gloves who secured the runner-up position for their project for Da Milano and Team Dynamo who was the second runners-up and worked on a project for TATA Rallis. The jury of the event included Mr.Christer Nygren, Ms. Anette Strömberg and Ms.Mona Tjärnberg, who are all associated with Mälardalen University, Sweden. The luminaries provided the students with useful insights regarding dealing with real-time business scenarios and overcoming the hurdles in doing the same.

Mr. Siddharth Nakai, Environmental Consultant at Zee Enterprises Entertainment Limited, conducted a workshop on 5th March 2016 at iFEEL campus, to acquaint the students with the environment friendly activities that business enterprises can adopt in their day-to-day operations. The highlights of the workshop were:

  • Lights, Camera and Eco-shoot – How production houses can revolutionize production process in India, by adapting eco-friendly practices.
  • Operation Cost – Adaptation of eco-friendly practices has a positive effect on reduction of operation cost of businesses, in the long-run.
  • Statistics of the media industry – The entire process of film-making exerts adverse environmental impacts. Statistics showcase that the media industry has been causing extensive environmental damage, during the entire production process.
  • E-Wastage – The amount of electronic waste produced by the media industry, is enormous, when compared to other industrial sectors.
  • Current Status-Quo of our Environment – Our environment is currently in an extremely degradable state, owing to the large-scale hostile practices that its being subjected to.
  • Stepping up in the media industry – The initiatives adopted by the media industry, to develop the next generation of production practices that put people and profits in sync with the environment.

The session emphasized primarily on the media industry and provided statistics related to the carbon footprint contributions of the industry. Mr. Nakai showered useful insights on how adapting environment-friendly activities can contribute to the growth of business enterprises. The interactive workshop not only provided beneficial information to the students, but also portrayed Learning with Fun.

Delegates from Ural Federal University (UrFu), Russia, visited the iFEEL campus on 1st March 2016. The delegates present were:
• Mr. Oleg Obukhov, Director, Business School UrFU
• Mr. Aleksandr Druzhinin Vice Director, Business School UrFU
• Ms. Larisa Malysheva, Director, MBA -Center Business School UrFU
• Ms. Olga Kharlamova, Vice-Director, MBA -Center Business School UrFU

A seminar on ‘The Role of Startups in Growing Indian Economy’, was conducted on 20th February, 2016 at iFEEL campus. The seminar witnessed participation from industry influencers, who interacted with the students discussing and insights on the commencement of startups and their success and contribution in the growth of Indian economy.

The dignitaries associated with the seminar included the likes of Mr. Dilip Thosar – Business Head at TaxiForSure, Mr. Gaurav Gurbaxani – President at Online Business Organization and Mr. Kaustubh Khade – Director of Institute Relations at Purple Squirrel.

Similarly, in the SEP2 program 37 students from the PGDM 2015-17 batch were chosen to be a part of the 3-days activities. Even this was designed to help the students understand the various aspects of the program and what they should be expecting from it.

It was organized to give the newly enrolled students a fair idea about how the program that they have enrolled for is going to be like. Over a period of 3 days, various activities were organized for the students so that they are aware of what they should expect from the course that they have undertaken. Thus, it was more like a ‘Trailer’ of the program, organized for the students.

Kritesh Jangir (PGDM Marketing Management), Priya Kothadia (PGDM Operations Management) and Agnes Thomas, as well as Sagar Deshmukh (PGDM Rural Management) and Parag Patil (PGDM-Business Design) from WeSchool, MBA students from iFEEL received an international scholarship to pursue a six week internship at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
The students participated in a joint design/ business project with a corporate sponsorship, along with the students of School of Industrial Design under the mentorship of faculty from WeSchool as well as Carleton University.

The teams worked to design prototypes for addressing various infrastructural and environmental issues.

Students of iFEEL have become the symbol of pride for our institution. Few of our students have achieved the 1st position in the GCL (Global Citizen Leader) program, marking their presence on the international platform. As a reward they have received once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Mr. Kishore Biyani- CEO, Future Group in the event called ‘Chai Pe Charcha’. It is one of the proudest moment for the students to be meeting a business icon of India.

MIT Media lab and WeSchool jointly organized a workshop on design innovation from 27th Jan to 1st Feb 2014 at WeSchool Mumbai. The weeklong workshop involved engaging activities including ideation, designing and implementation of prototypes together with MIT Media Lab and academic mentors. The workshop culminated in a grand exhibition that was open to visitors from academia, industry, and the media. The media lab culture of research involves working closely with industry and this workshop offered participants a flavor of how the Media Lab “invents the future”. The students chose from 10 different tracks/themes. A team of six iFEEL students were selected from thousands of aspirants to undergo this workshop.

The workshop aimed to promote and create a common language between communities of students from various disciplines, MBA aspirants, management professionals and artists to create an environment of interdisciplinary learning and solving problems of today. For iFEEL students it was a great opportunity to learn in an enlightening and inspiring environment of innovation. The prototypes created by the students were appreciated by the visitors who marveled at their ingenuity and ability to come out with simple yet innovative techniques to solve day to day challenges

iFEEL students worked with over 380 students and corporate and were mentored by over 20 faculty, researchers and designers from the MIT Media Lab and Weschool. iFEEL students worked on tracks such as ‘ICICI Future of Banking”, ‘Performance Capture’, Design for Creative Learning, and Imaging Experiences. iFEEL students worked with engineers, designers, computer programers, artists, management graduates and created “working prototypes’ of futuristic products. If interested in taking the idea ahead they will receive guidance from the MIT Media Lab and Weschool apart from iFEEL.