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Outbound Training Programs

The experiential learning are very high energy programs and has emerged as a holistic and a vital tool of transfer of learning, the growing urge and emerging form is an testimony of this. One of the basic objectives of most MDP programs is to enhance organizational team bonding, the foundation of cohesive functioning and productivity. The Experiential programs are a training method for enhancing organizational performance through experiential learning and has proved itself as an effective training tool for management development and personality enrichment programs.

Outbound training program helps generate fresh ideas and better attitudes and acts as a trigger for each individual to work together towards the fulfillment of larger objective and achieve individual goals and his / her organizational mission. The program serves to isolate the participants from the outside world and intend to take them through various shades of leadership journey outbound simulations enabling you to identify your path of success, know your virtues and drive to deal with dilemmas and conflict. The experiential nature of the activities provides participants the opportunity to observe their own behavior, experiment with modified behavior and observe the benefits of the changed behavior.


  • Understanding one's leadership style and getting best out of it.
  • Learning to overcome fears and confronting challenges.
  • Managing time, anger and stress
  • Developing self-confidence, positive attitude and motivation
  • Personal development contributing to performing in a complex situation, problem solving skills, managing change, enhancing creativity.

At the end of workshop participants will:

  • Get an insight to developing team strategies for getting results, building trust, sharing feedback, learning importance of open communication.
  • Developing the ability to be a mentor and develop your subordinates.
  • Have better understanding of self and others which is the basis of building and nurturing any relationship.

The program intends to use the experiential learning mainly emphasizing learning by doing. Sample activities for the program are like, Australian walk: Team work for achieving common goals, Rappelling: overcoming fear of the unknown, can do attitude: surprising yourself and others, Mine Field: Team work, trust and communication under adverse condition, Team formation: Team names, bri efing, program goals and expected outcomes.

There are approximately 100 games and outbound training programs are custom designed not only to suit the multiple objectives of the companies but also with respect to the composition of the teams, i.e. physical status, age etc. The corporate packages are entirely tailor made to suit a clients training needs.

Who should attend
Program is designed for every executive / manager, who aspires to develop himself / herself as an effective leader in all spheres of work and life.

We had conducted outdoor MDPs for corporate houses like Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Infotech, Taj Group, L&T, HUL, HDFC, Luftansa Airways to name a few.