R.A.I.N Lab (Innovation Lab)


R.A.I.N lab’s inauguration was done by Dr. Sten Ekman; holding a PhD in Innovation Science and Management from Malardalen University in Sweden along with Dr. Analill Ekman, form the Department of Education, Uppsala University in Sweden, back in February 2012. Both are practicing experts in the area of entrepreneurship led by innovation and have worked closely with us at iFEEL’s campus.

The Objective

To provide a safe space at the iFEEL campus for exploring creative ideas and / or prototyping a service or a product led by student innovation.
We aspire to provide students with an environment that facilitates innovation. Being situated in the lush campus, students can implement their ideas into something sustainable and scalable while continuing to pursue their specializations in their respective management courses.


When it comes to leaders in innovation, Facebook, Apple & Google are prime examples of how successful businesses need to operate. We believe that innovation is the key differentiator in today’s competitive business world. R.A.I.N lab aims to instill within the students the ability to foresee the future when it comes to their business models along with their management course.

Learning Outcome

As students work on their ideas under expert guidance, they traverse through the entire business strategy from initiation of the idea, to sales and even book-keeping.
This process inculcates a sense of looking at the finer nuances of business functions and how each function relates to one another. R.A.I.N lab seeks to combine this learning with their respective management specializations in Marketing, Finance, H.R and Operations.