Aagam Shah

“I was from pharmacy background and studying management was nightmare for me before stepping in iFEEL. Here at IFEEL, we didn’t only learn management theoretically but were able to apply the same knowledge in the real world. Faculties at iFEEL have great industrial background and exceptional knowledge with years of experience. I didn’t just study here but thoroughly enjoyed my time here. To sum it up, it is a good college providing valuable knowledge of management, motivational learning environment, and other placement aids which are career oriented.”


Vaishali Kale

“iFEEL is a surprise box full of new experiences, new learnings, ups and downs. Every day here brings with itself a chance to learn more and grow more. Teachers here help you challenge yourself and to know who you really are. You won’t realize the change overnight but at the end you know you have grown within and overall. I thank my teachers and my Placement Team for helping me get through the placements successfully. It’s all because of them, my teachers & my friends because of whom I have been able to get the best of this place.”


Akshay Gharat

“Today’s competitive work environment moves at a fast pace. The life at iFEEL enabled me the tools for understanding the corporate world with its on campus learning. The most valuable experience that I gained in my time during the PGDM programme is knowledge from industry experts under the i6 speaker series and college professors who have in-depth knowledge in global markets. At iFEEL, it’s not only about academics but also about helping students gain practical experiences with the GCL live projects. The scenic view and the on campus learning and networking will help the students even after they have left the institute.”


Amit Singh

"iFEEL has been a life changing experience for me. It was quite tough for me to take decision but now, I can easily say, it was a good decision. iFEEL institute has contributed to my growth in terms of personality and professionalism. iFEEL has broadened the horizon in terms of my thinking and the way to look at the things. I feel proud to say, I am an iFEEL-ite and I am sure each and every student must feel the same.”

ADOR Group