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Students Learning from Aashayein

Aashayein, a Learning...
The biggest ever cultural cum management cum techno cum sports event under one roof. It's a very huge scale of events and handling all the tasks at once requires quite a multi-tasking.

Personally, I don't see Aashayein as just an event. It's a learning experience of a lifetime. Aashayein has taught me so many things that I can use in my life and day to day work. I am a introvert person by nature. The promotional campaigns that we do for Aashayein have given me a chance to interact with lots of different people. Now, I know how to approach people with a concept and convince them. It has taught me how to coordinate with others, my classmates and how to manage the division of work and labor.

Aashayein has been a roller coaster ride loaded with fun and learning... Looking forward to have more!
Priya Kothadia
Aashayein - Cultural Event Head

A life changing experience!!
The opportunity given by the Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) in the shape of Aashayein 2014, has helped me to develop and improve management skills. While working for Aashayein, the most important thing which I learnt is how to manage people and time. Also, I improved upon my negotiation and communication skills.

Being the Cultural head, I have become more responsible and creative. Aashayein is a great training program which boost my confidence and enhanced my personality.
Avani Juvekar,
Aashayein , Cultural Event Head

Aashayein for me means an opportunity to explore myself...
I have realized how taxing it can be to handle a crowd. It not only requires people's skill but also the ability to portray confidence and authority.

Earlier I found it difficult to answer a question spontaneously but while working on various tasks and requirements for the event, I have learned to think faster, articulate my thoughts and present it to the others effectively. I feel I know myself on a different level right now.

Looking forward to have a rocking time ahead!
Tejas Joshi
Aashayein 2013, Outbound Head

What I learnt as a part of Aashayein 2013
I have always been an introvert person and interacting with others was a nightmare for me. During our visits to different colleges to invite the students I had to interact with them. I was not given a choice. And it is during these visits that I realized how effectively I can put forth my ideas and thoughts to others. My friends of course have helped me throughout.

I am in-charge of the HR event. While preparing quizzes and tasks, I got to learn so much about HR and related theories. This will surely help me further while doing my specialization.
Vishal Mahale
Aashayein 2013, Human Resources Event Head