Student Committee


A bunch of self-motivated students work to develop entrepreneurial skills by participating in relevant competitions from around the country.

Sports Committee (Invictus)

The sports committee ensures that the students get actively involved in sports, apart from their management studies and academic sessions. For their overall development, this committee conducts sports events in a timely manner. It helps the students develop sportsman spirit and learn fair play.

Cultural Committee

This committee is formed by students to participate in several cultural events which include fashion shows, open dance competitions, solo/duet singing, solo dancing, and other competitions. Students get plenty of opportunities to showcase their talents and can choose from a range of activities.

Placement Committee

iFEEL’s placement committee provides round the clock support to place students with the top companies. Ever since establishment, the management institute has maintained the record of 100% placement for the students with justified companies and packages.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Committee CSR is one way to give back to the society where students have adopted 300 families of a nearby village and have trained their children in English and Math. The main aim of the CSR committee is to empathize with people and contribute to the development of the society.

Food Committee

The members of the food committee are entrusted with unique responsibility of finalizing the entire food menu of the canteen. iFEEL serves vegetarian, non-vegetarian, as well as Jain food in its canteen. Food committee members are very active in take care of their nutrition updating the menu which appeals to the students taste as well as.

i6 Speaker Series Committee

As a part of the i6 committee, students invite corporate personnel to the institute for an informative session every Saturday. The students get to interact with these distinguished individuals, learn from their experience, and gain new perspective about the business industry.