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International Internships of iFEEL students

Sanket Kulkarni (PGDM 2014-16): Summer internship with BABY-TV, Russia.
Sanket Kulkarni; PGDM student of Batch 2014 - 2016 bags a Pre Placement offer with a Multi National Corporation; Baby Step TV (Russia) This is a result of his hard work during summer and symbolises the quality of Students at iFEEL.

Ador Multiproduct; A group company of ADOR Group which is listed on BSE and has a turnover of over INR 500 Crs. Picks up 5 students from PGDM Batch 2014 - 16
1.) Mr. Niket Sinha - Digital Marketing
2.) Mr. Amit Singh - Marketing & Technology
3.) Mr. Amit Pandey - Business Analytics & Accounts
4.) Mr. Jerin Philip - E-Retailing & Analytics
5.) Mr. Sumit Hule - PR & Publicity

Richa Khard, Nikit Sinha, Mugdha Bhondle,Harsh Vasani, Vrushali Malgaonkar(2014-16): Globuzz Dubai

International projects at Dubai have converted into International placements Towards providing the students with an exposure to the international world of work, iFEEL has been able to provide international internships to students right from the first batch.
- Students of the first batch worked with Globuzz, Dubai as part of their international internship. Two of these students received a Pre-Placement Offer from the company and are now employed with them.
- Siemens, Germany

Nehal Mayekar (PGDM 2014-16)- Malardalen University Sweden
Mälardalen University (abbreviated MDH) is one of Sweden’s large institutes of higher education. The University has over 13,000 students studying our 51 programs and 1,000 courses, and almost 900 faculty and staff. MDH is characterised by close partnerships with businesses and the public sector in the region, making our University attractive to students - and our students attractive on the labor market.

Mälardalen University is situated in the densely populated and expansive region around Lake Mälaren, about one hour by train from Stockholm and Uppsala.

The University is characterised by its close cooperation with companies and with the public sector in the region and by its distinct environmental profile. Mälardalen University conducts education that leads to employment and invests in research which generates beneficial solutions for societal development

Kritesh Jangir (PGDM 2013-15)- Karleton University- Canada
From its very beginnings, Carleton University has welcomed the world, explored it in many fields of study and embraced the obligations of national and international citizenship

Student Testimonials

Seimens, Germany

Germany was a memorable experience. Internship with the renowned "Siemens", that too in their homeland, opened a new perspective for me. My per-departure preparation with respect learning a new language "German", some basic insights on cultural and professional behaviour that iFEEL faculty provided me were valuable lessons.The Cross cultural experience as well as the exposure to the "German Way of Doing Things" was a remarkable lesson, personally and professionally. To sum it up i can say "Internship with Siemens in Germany is one of the most important chapters of my Life".
Sandeep Kumar
(PGDM 2010-12)


Working with GLOBUZZ in Dubai has given me lots of opportunities to grow myself. We are a company of few people and I work directly with the owners of the company, and this has given me opportunity to be part of strategic decisions that directly affect the company.

Coming out of B-School in this international market had made me think whether my managerial learning would work here. But I was amazed how my practical training at iFEEL has made me a fit for any market. Probably that is the reason why I have been successful in handling retail activations and tourism road shows in Dubai, Bahrain, Turkey and other markets.

It is strange that having studied Human Resource as my major in PG, I have been working as a marketeer, operations person and handle accounts of my own projects. I guess this is one of the biggest strength at iFEEL that it prepares you to be a Leader rather than a Manager of your field.

Chirag Soni
(PGDM 2009-11)

Dubai Internship - 6 students from batch PGDM 2014-2016 got opportunity for International project in Dubai with Globuzz which will help them towards an exposure to the international world of work, iFEEL has been able to provide international internships to students right from the first batch.