Students Testimonial

– Vishal Anil Singh (2019-2021)
“ IFEEL is about turning ambitious individuals into eminent and confident leaders. At iFEEL, I’ve learnt how to deal with difficult situations with ease, emerging as an optimistic and appealing person. This is because at IFEEL we are a family, and each one works on bringing out the best out of each other. Life here has rendered us with a sense independence and responsibility, urging us to shoot for the stars and achieve the best that we can. ”
– Parimita Tiwari (2019-2021)
“ The innovative style of teaching at iFEEL stresses on practical learning. They ensure that we are industry ready and thrive through difficult situations. The classmates here have become my extended family and the hostel is my home away from home as we live in harmony with each other. The institute has people from diverse cultures and religions. Together we celebrate all the festivals with zeal and enthusiasm. IFEEL imparts in you management expertise along with a sense of adding value to society. ”
– Suyash Shirke (2018-2020)
“ iFEEL has all facilities that any student would require when encountering personal and professional tasks. The entirety of the campus is Wi-Fi enabled, and we also have a well-maintained library. The institute has air-conditioned classrooms and an auditorium. The quality of the food offered here is excellent, and they also offer a variety of options based on recommendations of the students overseen by the management. Hostel life at iFEEL is very comfortable as hostel rooms are very hygienic and comfortable. The college has one of the best teachers in the industry who are highly qualified and experienced. Learning from them is a lifetime experience for students. ”
– Pranav Kamble (2019-2021)
“ iFEEL has provided us with the best facilities, that have proven to be most conducive for our overall development. They have always seen to it that most of our hostel time is spent in productive activities. Here we have students from various parts of the country celebrating various events and festivals with equal amounts of love and compassion. Indeed, the hostel life at iFEEL is full of fun, love, tranquility and most importantly encourages us to become the best Future Leaders. ”
– Akash Choubey (2018-2020)
“ What does one expect from a college that offers a Post Graduate degree? Good teachers, supportive administration, and intellectual colleagues. Fortunately this institute has it all. Every day you spend here, you grow in ways more than one. The college has enough committees and tasks to keep you busy and prepare you for everything that’ll be coming your way. I am the one who has high expectations from almost everything I am involved with, and this college has exceeded all of them. ”