Study Tours and Industrial Visits

Domestic Industrial Visit

The main objective of domestic industrial visits is to reduce the gap between theoretical knowledge and ground realities. It exposes the students to different opportunities within the industry and allows them to see people working in the industry. They can then explore classroom concepts with professionals during their observations.

Students at iFEEL have visited the following companies in the recent past:

Parle-G, Bisleri, Mahindra & Mahindra, General Motors, Coca-Cola, Sakal Times , Decathlon, Hyundai Construction Equipments, Bajaj Auto, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Lear Automation.

International Industrial Visits

In order to provide the students with the global exposure of the business world we have International Study tours to world class international companies. We have taken students to Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, China, Germany, and Austria in the past.

Here’s a list of the companies our students have visited through the international study tours: ABB, Volvo, Ikea, Ericsson, Toyota, Mitsubishi Electricals, Bao Steel, Lenovo, BMW, Audi, Swarovski and many more.

iFEEL is acclaimed to provide the best international exposure to its students. The institute has criteria for its students to visit a minimum of 20 companies domestically, in a year. This provides the students with a comprehensive understanding of the various business operations and gain extensive industry-knowledge.

This year the students of iFEEL PGDM 2015-17 batch were taken on an International Industrial Tour to Shanghai (China), which is regarded as the manufacturing hub of the world. The country is regarded as possessing the best innovative business ideas, having more than 20 companies in the Fortune 500 Companies List.

The Industrial Tour consisted of 4 days, for students to understand the complete business operations:

Day 1:
Shanghai Volkswagen– On the first day the students visited the Volkswagen company. being an automobile manufacturing unit, the students received a comprehensive knowledge regarding all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Bao Steel– The first destination on the second day of the Industrial Tour was the Shanghai Baosteel Corporation (Also known as Bao Steel). Being the fourth-largest steel producer in the world, the visit to the steel plant, provided the students idea regarding the working of a large-scale steel producing enterprise.

Day 2:
Mandarin Garden– Mandarin Gardens Chinese School, welcomes students on a global sphere into the Chinese culture, through the study of Mandarin. They provide students with the most professional study and service. the predominance of Chinese culture in the ambience, helps students better associate themselves with the culture of the nation

IKEA– Being the second largest IKEA of the world, Shanghai is the only city in China with more than one IKEA. The IKEA in China experiences a huge footfall, with people visiting it from all over the country.

River Cruise– The Huangpu River Cruise is the best way to see both the old and new Shanghai. The students were taken on the cruise to give them an idea of the architectural beauty of the country, along with the splendid beauty of the Huangpu River and night illumination of world class infrastructure around the river.

Day 3:
Lenovo– Lenovo is a computer technology company, which deals with the end-to-end manufacturing and development of various electronic gadgets. With Lenovo being the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales, the visit to the company was beneficial in providing students knowledge regarding the overall functioning of a computer technology company.

Meji Chocolate– with their inception in 1916 primarily as a manufacturer of biscuits and caramels, Meji today is among Japan’s leading producer of chocolate and confectionary products. The company has their verticals spread in other segments of business, through the usage of their innovative technological strength.

Day 4:
Shanghai Electric– Shanghai Electric is a multinational power generation and electrical equipment manufacturing company, headquartered in Shanghai. The company holds repute in the manufacture and sale of a wide range of heavy-electrical equipments, along with being the world’s largest producer of steam turbines. The visit to the company provided the students a pervasive idea regarding the manufacturing process of heavy electrical equipments.

Maglev Train– the Shanghai Maglev Train or Shanghai Transrapid, is a maglev line train that operates exclusively in Shanghai. It was the first commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line in the world, with the maximum train speed attainable upto 431 km/hr. being one of the prominent characteristic feature of the city, the Maglev Train is a symbol of the technological advancement and efficiency of the nation.

Therefore, the International Industrial Tour to China was successful in providing the students a practical knowledge of the innovative business ideas and technological advancements on the global sphere.

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The students of the iFEEL PGDM 2015-17 batch were taken on an International Industrial Tour to Shanghai, China. The 4-day trip was designed in a way that it provides a comprehensive business overview of Shanghai, which is regarded as the best city in the world to do business. at the end of the trip, the students gained extensive knowledge regarding the technological advancements and business scenario of the manufacturing hub of the world (China).

iFEEL students bag International Internship in Canada:
As an outcome of the ICSID (International Council for Societies of International Design) – Inter Design workshop on “Humanising a Metropolis” where iFEEL students participated with global designers, 3 iFEEL students got opportunity to pursue 6 week internship in Canada, where the Carleton University hosted them for a joint design/business project with corporate sponsorship. The internship involved participation by Canadian design students. Some of the companies they worked with include: Teron International Building Technologies, DW Product Development, Gibson Product Design and Macadamian.

‘Humanising a Metropolis’ an ICSID Interdesign workshop, iFEEL students work and learn from International and Indian Industrial design experts. The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) is a partner of the International Design Alliance. Starting February 2014, students from iFEEL as part of ICSID Interdesign hosted by Weschool worked for two weeks with over 30 designers from India and seven other nations viz. Sweden, China, Finland, Australia, USA etc. They interacted with leading designers like Mr.Surya Vanka, Microsoft (USA). The theme being ‘Humanising a Metropolis’ to address various challenges the city faces.

Prototypes on which students worked were:
1. Living with Rain
2. Zero Waste household
3. Social Spaces / Redefining the Outdoor Experiences for Citizens
4. The Great Indian Bazaar
5. Health on the Go
6. Visualising Matunga as an Educational Township