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Mr. S. Joshipura at iFEEL Institute

“ The energy level of the students and openness in the environment is amazing & a foundation strive on which future success is predicted ”

– Mr. S. Joshipura MD, SKF

Ms. Maya Paranjapye at iFEEL Institute

“ Wonderful being here. Lovely campus, bright boys &girls. Commited management. Thanks ”

– Mr. Rajiv Mitra , Managing Director at Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt Ltd.

Dr. P K Bose at iFEEL Institute

“ Excellent campus! Great faculty! loved the positivity GOOD LUCk!!! Always a pleasure to address future leaders. ”

– Mr. Saurabh Gadgil, President, PNG Jewelers

Mr. Ankit Kothari at iFEEL Institute

“ Great campus, wonderful students, Focused leadership & positivity all around, Its glad to be here. GOOD LUCK!! ”

– Mr. Sanjeev Wason, ‎Director Investment Banking at Credit Suisse

Mr. Amit Shukla at iFEEL Institute

“ Excellent experience, very warm hearted people around and look to be well focused and ambitious. Keep it up!! ”

– Dr. P K Bose, MD & CEO Saertex India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sujay.K.Rachh at iFEEL Institute

“ Extremely different and at ease feeling with this management school. Keep it up!! ”

– Ms. Maya Paranjapye,Founder Butic

Mr. Prasad Paretkar at iFEEL Institute

A great experience interacting with young blood!!Good to see the will to excel in this young generation All my best wishes!!

– Mr. Anil Chhajed, Managing Director at GoldField Resorts and Allied Business Pvt Ltd

Mr. Arun Kumar V Waghchoure at iFEEL Institute

“ Very good students. Good exposure, They had nice questions and well groomed. I wish them all the best for their career.”

– Mr. Manav Prasad, Director- Talent Management at Xpanxion International Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Amitabh Vatsya, at iFEEL Institute

“ Bright set of students, Lots of question, Lots of curiosity, It was not just fun interacting but also a good learning. ”

– Mr. Porus Jose, Creative Director at IDEATELABS

Mr. Shivananda Narvajagatkar at iFEEL Institute

“ Wonderful experience, excellently location with wonderful students. All the best. ”

– Mr. C Subramaniam, President - HR at SIYARAM - ‎Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.

Mr. Ashok Kumar at iFEEL Institute

" Wonderful location & amazing students keep it up. Be positive & be charged always all the time. "

– Mr. Amit Pandey, Senior Vice President - Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Cyrus Dastur at iFEEL Institute

“ Beautiful campus. Bright students with relevant questions and very attentive. ALL THE BEST!! ”

– Mr. Purvi Parkeria , Senior VP at IIFL Seed Ventures Fund

Mr. Rituraj Sar at iFEEL Institute

“ Excellent and peaceful location. Students were very excited and interactive. Felt honoured to be part of this speaker series, would look forward to come back again!! ”

- Mr. Amit Aras , Associate Vice President, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

Mr. Ashwin Bhadri at iFEEL Institute

“Excellent initiative, need to do more such sessions, loved the energy of the students and faculty. Would love to visit again”

Mr. Ashwin Bhadri, CEO – Equinox Labs

Mr. Gavin D’souza at iFEEL Institute

“Inspiring campus, delightful students, a pleasure to be here. Work hard and play hard”

Mr. Gavin D’souza, HR Consultant Associate , DDI India Pvt .Ltd.

Mr. Ankit Kothari at iFEEL Institute

“ Students are a level above all other institutes I have visited, Love the entrepreneurial culture fostered here ”

– Ankit Kothari, Founder Vencedor Consultant

Mr. Amit Shukla at iFEEL Institute

“ All students very excellent and college was more than expectation, nice initiative and good idea to have an industry exposure ”

– Mr. Amit Shukla, Sr. Manager,(R&D)VVF.Ltd.

Mr. Sujay.K.Rachh at iFEEL Institute

“ This was the best experience I have had with guest lectures. The students were extremely excited about it and we could see. This helps us bring the best out of ourselves. Thanks for inviting us ”

– Mr. Sujay.K.Rachh, Sr. Manager, Sr. VP Lowe Lintas

Mr. Prasad Paretkar at iFEEL Institute

“ Good college; Nice students; Well organized event; Nice faculty; Great future ahead; Cheers to iFEEL!!! ”

– Mr. Prasad Paretkar, Assitant Gen. Manager - Sales

Mr. Arun Kumar V Waghchoure at iFEEL Institute

“ Awesome institute and students ”

– Mr. Arun Kumar V Waghchoure, Entrepreneur

Mr. Amitabh Vatsya, at iFEEL Institute

“ Thanks for inviting me in a wonderful campus and people with energy. Great pedagogy. Keep it up. All the best. ”

– Amitabh Vatsya, Sr. Manager, L&T Infrastructure

Mr. Shivananda Narvajagatkar at iFEEL Institute

“ Very good institute. Good passion seen in the students. Keep it up. ”

– Shivananda Narvajagatkar, Sr. Associate, India Infradebt ltd

Mr. Ashok Kumar at iFEEL Institute

“ Excellently organized session, well organized by the students. Enjoyed the interaction with the Institute's bright young students. ”

– Mr. Ashok Kumar, MD lotus Knowlwealth

Mr. Cyrus Dastur at iFEEL Institute

“iFEEL is one of the finest campus I have been to! Full of energy & positivity”

– Mr. Cyrus Dastur , Founder, Shamiyana

Mr. Rituraj Sar at iFEEL Institute

“ A very bright group of students who are inquisitive, willing to learn and will make excellent force for corporate. Also a very well organized and amazing institute of learning.”

- Mr. Rituraj Sar, VP, Lupin Ltd.

What Corporates Say

  • Mr. Naresh Mehta at iFEEL Institute

    Mr. Naresh MehtaChief Operating Officer at Hidesign

  • Mr. Ravi Dighe at iFEEL Institute

    Mr. Ravi DigheVP, Aptech

  • Dr. Shitole at iFEEL Institute

    Dr. ShitoleProfessor

  • Mr. Kumar Rajgopalan at iFEEL Institute

    Mr. Kumar RajgopalanCEO - Retail Association of India,

  • Mr. Akhil Chaturvedi at iFEEL Institute

    Mr. Akhil ChaturvediDirector - Provouge