What Corporates Say

Dr. Shitole
Mr. Naresh Mehta
Chief Operating Officer at Hidesign
Mr. Ravi Dighe
VP, Aptech
Mr. Kumar Rajgopalan
CEO – Retail Association of India
Mr. Akhil Chaturvedi
Director – Provouge
“ Great campus, wonderful students, Focused leadership & positivity all around, Its glad to be here. GOOD LUCK!!”
– Mr. Sanjeev Wason, ‎Director Investment Banking at Credit Suisse
“ Excellent experience, very warm hearted people around and look to be well focused and ambitious. Keep it up!! ”
– Dr. P K Bose, MD & CEO Saertex India Pvt. Ltd.
“ Extremely different and at ease feeling with this management school. Keep it up!! ”
– Ms. Maya Paranjapye,Founder Butic
A great experience interacting with young blood!!Good to see the will to excel in this young generation All my best wishes!!
– Mr. Anil Chhajed, Managing Director at GoldField Resorts and Allied Business Pvt Ltd
“ Very good students. Good exposure, They had nice questions and well groomed. I wish them all the best for their career.”
– Mr. Manav Prasad, Director- Talent Management at Xpanxion International Pvt. Ltd.
“ Bright set of students, Lots of question, Lots of curiosity, It was not just fun interacting but also a good learning. ”
– Mr. Porus Jose, Creative Director at IDEATELABS