What to look for when choosing a B-School?

So, you have discovered your passion for businesses and decided to take up on Management Studies – What next? Where do you go to shape your dream? And how do you know if it is the best place? Fret not! Here’s a list of questions to refine your search for the ideal B-School.

1 Which institute? Even if the name, popularity, and the business school rankings don’t entirely speak for the quality of the institute it definitely helps in eliminating many names from your list. Check the details on the campus, infrastructure, duration, mode, and scholarships to start with. To check for validations and authentication see if the program offered is AICTE approved.  

2 Who is teaching? Once you have a list ready, your foremost concern has to be the Faculty.  To master the intricacies of the MBA management course you need the right guidance. Check if the faculties have come from a business background and have abundant industry experience to assure guidance which is relevant to the industry.

3 What are you learning? Since the curriculum for PGDM and MBA management courses differ vastly from institute to institute, be sure to see which suits your future goals and aspirations. Some institutes even with high business school rankings might not work for you if they have a curriculum not relevant to your goals. Check for the specialisations and electives offered such as Marketing, Human Resources etc. which will help you build a niche of your choice.     

4 How are you learning?
Having the subject of your choice isn’t enough. Learning it right and instilling the fundamentals is the real deal. Look for an institute which has a balance of theoretical and practical studies. Capstone projects, case studies, innovation labs, management events, etc. are a must to inculcate the basic instincts of leadership and entrepreneurship as they give better understanding of the market scenarios.     

5 Who are you learning with? The influence that peer groups have on the development of one’s career is often underestimated. The institute gives you plenty opportunities to collaborate and build your network, so, make sure to check the alumni for an idea on what kind of students you can expect there.             

6 How well it prepares you for the industry? The business world is dynamic and a MBA management course is only efficient if it is relevant to the market. Very few institutes can give you exposure to global business environment. Look for an institute with international study tours, expert guest lecturers who are corporate head honchos, management events etc. Once you are sure about how well the institute prepares you for the industry, also check how the institute helps you get there through their placement support.

7 What is the USP? Get to know how an institute stands apart from the other. Check if their vision is aligned to your goals as it will assure you the best output after the completion of your course. For e.g., many institutes focus on instilling entrepreneurship and leadership, which is ideal for someone who is aiming for C-suite roles. Likewise, some are known for using technology and innovation themes for their management courses.    

Hope this saves you from drowning amidst countless brochures and the endless search on the World Wide Web. Head over here to discover wholesome PGDM and MBA management courses.       

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