i6 Committee

i6 Committee

i6 represents 6 I’s namely Ignite, Involve, Innovate, Inspire, Inculcate and Incubate which are the six philosophical foundations.

As a member of the i6 committee,

students are tasked with organizing an informative session every month, where they invite corporate personnel to the institute.

The objective of this initiative,

is to bridge the gap between theory and practice by offering students a chance to engage with real-world professionals. The i6 committee aims to foster an environment of learning and growth by providing students with access to the latest industry trends.

i6 Committee

The i6 Committee at our esteemed institute stands at the forefront of innovation, fostering a dynamic environment for academic and professional growth. Comprising seasoned experts, the committee is dedicated to shaping a curriculum that integrates contemporary industry trends, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the challenges of the corporate world. With a focus on entrepreneurship and industry relevance, the i6 Committee strives to instill a spirit of innovation, equipping our students with the skills and mindset needed to excel in today's competitive landscape. Join us on a journey of transformative education and unparalleled opportunities.

The i6 Committee drives innovation at our institute, shaping a curriculum aligned with industry trends. Committed to fostering entrepreneurship and a forward-thinking mindset, we prepare students for success in the dynamic business landscape.


The objective of E-CELL is to create a conducive environment for students to develop their entrepreneurial abilities and to help them turn their ideas into successful businesses. The cell provides various resources such as mentorship, networking opportunities, workshops, and training sessions to help students learn the necessary skills and gain practical knowledge.

E-CELL at iFEEL is an entrepreneurship cell that focuses on nurturing and developing the entrepreneurial skills of students. The cell is designed to provide a platform for students to learn, ideate, and implement their business ideas.

E-CELL at iFEEL also hosts various events such as business plan competitions, idea pitching sessions, and guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs to encourage students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and think outside the box.

iFEEL’s Entrepreneurship Cell was recognized at the National Entrepreneurship Challenge 2015 and 2017 at IIT Bombay due to its entrepreneurship ecosystem in the campus.

Through E-CELL, students can gain valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and build a strong foundation for their future ventures.


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club at iFEEL is a student-run club that aims to create awareness about the importance of CSR in today's business world. The club's primary objective is to instil a sense of responsibility and social consciousness in students, preparing them to become ethical leaders in the future.

The CSR Club at iFEEL organizes a wide range of activities and events throughout the year, focused on spreading awareness about CSR and promoting social responsibility among students. These events include seminars, social campaigns, and community service activities. The club also collaborates with NGOs and non-profit organizations to develop and implement CSR initiatives.

Through its various activities, the CSR Club at iFEEL has been successful in creating a culture of social responsibility among students. The club has also helped students develop valuable skills such as teamwork, and project management, which are essential for their professional development.

The CSR Club at iFEEL plays a crucial role in creating a culture of social responsibility among students. The club's activities and initiatives not only benefit the community but also provide students with valuable learning experiences that prepare them for their future roles as ethical and responsible leaders in the corporate world.

Sports Committee

As one of the finest institutes in management education, iFEEL strives to provide its students with a well-rounded learning experience.

Inbound activities such as simulations, group discussions, and role-playing exercises are conducted in classrooms and allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge.

Outbound activities such as Adventure activities, field trips, and community service projects are conducted outside the classroom and provide hands-on learning experiences.

At iFEEL, we believe that a combination of inbound and outbound activities helps our students develop a holistic perspective towards management education.

Food Committee

The Food Committee at is a student-led initiative aimed at promoting healthy eating habits and creating a sustainable food culture on campus.​ We believe that food is not just about satisfying hunger, but also about nourishing our bodies and minds. Our mission is to create a community that values good food and understands its impact on our health, environment, and society.

Food Committee works closely with the cafeteria staff to ensure that the food served on campus is proper, diverse, and sustainable. We believe that everyone deserves access to good food, regardless of their background or dietary preferences.​

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee at our institution is the heartbeat of diversity and creativity. Committed to enriching campus life, we curate a vibrant array of events, celebrating art, music, dance, and traditions from across the globe. Our team meticulously plans cultural festivals, workshops, and performances, fostering an inclusive environment that bridges cultural gaps. We believe in nurturing talent, providing a platform for students to showcase their cultural prowess. Join us in the celebration of diversity, as we create memorable experiences and cultivate a sense of unity through the exploration and appreciation of various cultures within our academic community.

The Cultural Committee serves as a catalyst for cultural appreciation and understanding on our campus. Through a spectrum of activities, from traditional showcases to contemporary exhibitions, we strive to create an environment that values and respects diverse perspectives. Our collaborative initiatives with students, faculty, and external artists aim to inspire creativity and dialogue. We believe in the transformative power of culture to unite and educate. By participating in our events, students not only enjoy a rich cultural experience but also contribute to the collective tapestry of our academic community. Join us in promoting cultural exchange, fostering creativity, and building lasting connections.


At iFEEL, we believe in holistic education, which includes academic as well as extracurricular activities.


Our committee comprises of students from different states and cultures, working together to showcase their talents.


Our main aim is to create an inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of our campus community.


We believe that cultural events provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, learn about different cultures.