PGDM in Marketing with certification in Digital Marketing

Marketing Management education requires a comprehensive approach combining theoretical concepts with practical application. The Marketing Management learning at iFEEL becomes effective due to its balanced curriculum, which is designed to cover fundamental marketing concepts integrated with case study analysis, real world examples and contemporary marketing trends to provide students with a holistic understanding of marketing practices. Interactive teaching methods such as group discussions, debates, role playing exercises and simulations etc. are used to engage students actively. Students are encouraged with critical thinking and problem solving skills by presenting them with marketing challenges faced by businesses. Students are given industry exposure with guest lectures, workshops and industry visits to gain practical insights from marketing professionals.

Specialization Subjects

Course Code Subject Credits
CIBB Corporate Law 3
IM International Marketing 3
IPBM Integrated Product & Brand Management 3
SRM Services Marketing 3
BBM Business to Business Marketing 3
SDM Sales and Distribution Managements 3
IMC Integrated Marketing Communication 3
MR Marketing Research 3

Scope of Marketing Management

The scope of Marketing Management is broad and encompasses various aspects of marketing within organizations. Some key areas that fall within the scope of marketing management are Strategic Marketing, Brand Management, Product & Service Management, Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Consumer Behaviour studies, Marketing Analytics, International Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management and Customer Relationship Management etc.

It provides a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles, strategies and tools required to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. The scope is dynamic and continues to evolve with advancements in technology and changes in consumer behaviour and market trends.

Digital Marketing Certification

To emphasize the role of technology in modern marketing iFEEL offers a certification course in Digital Marketing to the students of Marketing Management specialization. This course helps the students to learn about digital marketing techniques, social media marketing, data analytics and marketing automation tools. This course comes with an incorporated hands-on exercises using relevant marketing software and platforms to develop their technical skills.

Positions Offered

Motivated Sr. Sales Officer Trainee with a PGDM in Marketing. Eager to leverage strategic marketing insights and drive sales initiatives. Quick learner, adept at relationship-building, and committed to achieving targets. Ready to contribute dynamic solutions to enhance organizational growth and market presence.

Strategic Sr. Executive in Corporate Sales, armed with a PGDM in Marketing. Proven expertise in fostering client relationships, executing targeted sales plans, and surpassing revenue goals. Adept at identifying business opportunities and implementing effective sales strategies for sustained organizational growth.

Eager Management Trainee in Sales & Marketing, equipped with a PGDM in Marketing. Quick learner with a passion for devising innovative strategies. Ready to contribute to dynamic teams, enhance brand visibility, and drive revenue growth through effective sales and marketing initiatives.

Ambitious Management Trainee in B2B Sales, armed with a PGDM in Marketing. Adept at market analysis, relationship building, and strategic planning. Eager to contribute fresh perspectives and drive sales initiatives, ensuring impactful growth within the dynamic B2B landscape.

Dynamic Business Development Executive (BDE) with a PGDM in Marketing. Proven expertise in identifying new business opportunities, cultivating client relationships, and driving revenue growth. A results-driven professional committed to implementing strategic initiatives for sustained organizational success in the competitive market.