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Getting You Industry Ready With The Most Leading Careers

iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership) stands out for its dynamic approach to placements, ensuring students are not just job-ready but also possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Our placement initiatives go beyond conventional methods, incorporating industry internships, mentorship programs, and exposure to real-world challenges.

This comprehensive approach empowers our students to not only secure lucrative job offers but also to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys with confidence. At iFEEL, we are committed to shaping the future leaders and innovators of tomorrow, reflecting in our consistent placement success and alumni accomplishments across diverse industries.

Impeccable Placement Records

From your present academics to your future placements, our role is to prepare you for the future while at the same time aligning you with your most desired career prospects.

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We Have Ties With The Most Leading Recruiters in the Industry

At iFEEL, we take pride in our robust industry connections, fostering valuable partnerships with the most leading recruiters in various sectors. This strategic alliance provides our students with a significant advantage in securing internships that offer real-world exposure and hands-on experience in their chosen fields. Moreover, our extensive network ensures that students are seamlessly integrated into the professional landscape, increasing their chances of landing coveted positions during placement drives.

The collaborations with industry leaders not only enhance the credibility of our programs but also open doors for our students to a plethora of opportunities, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Placements and Internships

13.58 LPA

Highest Package Grabbed

20 LPA

Highest Package Offered

7.12 LPA

Overall Average Package

11.18 LPA

Top 10 Average Package

10.12 LPA

Top 15 Average Package

9.6 LPA

Top 20 Average Package

7.71 LPA

Top 50 Average Package

Why You Need Career Development

Embarking on a journey with iFEEL for your career development is a strategic decision that promises to transform your professional trajectory. Our institution stands out for its holistic approach to education, focusing not just on academic excellence but also on nurturing key skills essential for a successful career.

Our career development programs go beyond traditional education, offering mentorship, industry exposure, and networking opportunities, ensuring that you are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of your chosen field.

Training Programs

Areas of Focus:Student Development

Professional Competency
Language Proficiency
Personality Development
Aptitude training

Our Leading Recruiters




Campus Placement

iFEEL Campus Placement Year 2016-18

Sr.No. Name Comapny Name
1 Jay Sharma RR Ventures
2 Nachiket Kaware RR Ventures
3 Nidhi Ladha RR Ventures
4 Abhishek Mistry RR Ventures
5 Muzammil Jaro
6 Rishi Jain Jaro
7 Payal Sahewal Jaro
8 Bhawna Goel Xion
9 Prithvi Raj Ranga Xion
10 Vaishal Mamania Xion
11 Murugesh Thevar Rallis India
12 Priyesh Parmar Andromeda
13 Sunny Solanki HFFC
14 Hariprasad Akhuta Byjus
15 Manas Bhanot TATA AIG
16 Rohit Gandhi TATA AIG
17 Tejaswini Sarode Talencia
18 Sintu Chowdhary ICICI Bank
19 Sanat Parmar ICICI Bank
20 Mamta Patil ICICI Bank
21 Saloni Gupta ICICI Bank
22 Lata Shukla ICICI Bank
23 Jose George ICICI Bank
24 Justin Kamaschachter
25 Harshidh Savla Zycus Infotech
26 Vanessa Pinto Kamaschachter
27 Ria Shroff Kamaschachter
28 Shubham Jain ICICI Securities
29 Sumeet Kumawat ICICI Securities
30 Chirag Makheria ICICI Securities
31 Rajesh Reddy ICICI Securities
32 Mitesh Sarvaiya ICICI Securities
33 Shubham Desai Amul
34 Shweta Patole WebXpress
35 Steven Macwan Anand Rathi
36 Aishwarya Rao Anand Rathi
37 Rucha Wele Kwality Foods
38 Pooja Naik FIS Global
39 Nikta Tiwari Allstate Insurance
40 Rahul Thakur Allstate Insurance
41 Yatin Dhamji Allstate Insurance
42 Akash Wanode Allstate Insurance
43 Shefali Sharma Tresvista Financial Services
44 Avneet Bhatia Lunkad Investments
45 Apurva Kulkarni Kale Logistics
46 Nisha Mankar Tresvista Financial Services
47 Parth Deshmukh HFFC
48 Manas Manbhav Lunkad Investments
49 Stellancia Castelino 63 Moons
50 Kundan Sharma LeapForward

iFEEL Campus Placement Year 2017-19

Sr.No. Name Comapny Name
1 Ankit Kumar Chitlange Tresvista Financial Services
2 Akshay Gharat Byjus
3 Aagam Shah Byjus
4 Rahul Gautam Byjus
5 Adwait Tatad Byjus
6 Prakash Kundu Satguru Travels (Africa)
7 Abhinav Krishna Satguru Travels (Africa)
8 Mohit Gupta Satguru Travels (Africa)
9 Snehal Mohan Thopate Jaro Education
10 Tanvee Chauhan Jaro Education
11 Falguni Solanki Jaro Education
12 Saurabh Mhatre Jaro Education
13 Aashish Fulwadhani Jaro Education
14 Sai Aditya Konijeti 3M Science
15 Shivani Rathore 3M Science
16 Utkarsh Bafna 3M Science
17 Vaishali Kale Cogoport
18 Mangesh Yadav Cogoport
19 Parag Chaturvedi Cogoport
20 Venkata Sai Ramachandra Raju. Tirumalaraju Cogoport
21 Lavish Deshmukh Cogoport
22 Aman Mishra Cogoport
23 Snehal Nemane TATA Consultancy Services
24 Cheemalapati Santhoshi Naukri.com
25 Gautam Raval Naukri.com
26 Shreya Bolinjkar Naukri.com
27 Aditi Bansod 99 acres
28 Abhishek Kamble Oran International
29 Shahbaz Oran International
30 Sunny Gupta (k) Oran International
31 Akhil Raj Oran International
32 Kuldeep Sahu HFFC
33 Koushik Sahu HFFC
34 Pratik Kotian HFFC
35 Suraj Pawar HFFC
36 Tanveer Usmani HFFC
37 Chinmay Chauhan HFFC
38 Earnest Dias HFFC
39 Pooja Meena Purnartha Finance
40 Ajay Kumar Greentech Group/td>
41 Sunny Gupta (n) Greentech Group
42 Aditi Sharma Acquist India
43 Arjun Mitkar Acquist India
44 Dolly Minocha Acquist India
45 Sonali Singh Acquist India
46 Vinay Menon Acquist India
47 Kirti Sharma TATA Rallis
48 Ankita Goyal Organica Biotech
49 Sankalp Acharya PNB Finance
50 Suchita Singh PNB Finance/td>
51 Kunal Rajgade IIT Rao Academy
52 Prankit Jaini IIT Rao Academy
53 Shalu Kumari IIT Rao Academy
54 Sonali Marathe IIT Rao Academy
55 Nirosha Gadepalli Cogoport
56 Chhatrapal Khatre Jaro Education
57 Sai Priyanka Jaro Education
58 Harshal Jain Jaro Education
59 Khyati Jain Allstate Group
60 Devesh Jain Allstate Group
61 Chhavi Mittal Allstate Group
62 Parth Jadia Allstate Group
63 Anjali Singh Allstate Group
64 Aman Nakhwa Allstate Group
65 Manasi Barambhe Allstate Group
66 T P Dipin Allstate Group
67 Aisha Khan Webxpress
68 Abhishek Mankar Webxpress
69 Omkar Kardile PNB Finance
70 Vaibhav Kale ICICI Securities
71 Santosh Yadav ICICI Securities
72 Pratik Shetty ICICI Securities
73 Samyak Jain ICICI Securities
74 Ramdas More ICICI Bank
75 Akshay Shetty ICICI Bank
76 Samson ICICI Bank
77 Jaya Mahajan ICICI Bank
78 Radhika Randad ICICI Bank
79 Sai Bollu Tharun ICICI Bank
80 Abhishek Diyewar ICICI Bank
81 Pratiksha Nagpure ICICI Bank
82 Rishikesh Jella ICICI Bank
83 Shivangi Sharma ICICI Bank
84 Jitendra Purohit ICICI Bank
85 Sai Manoj ICICI Bank
86 Deepak Paswan ICICI Bank
87 Abhishri Patne ICICI Bank
88 Hetal Yadav Insignia Search
89 Jimesh Mehta APAC Financial Services
90 Ayushi Goyal APAC Financial Services
91 Sayali Mahale Della By Jimmy Mistry
92 Apurva Bansule Latin Manharlal
93 Shreya Roy Latin Manharlal
94 Vikas Shembade Bajaj Housing Finance Ltd
95 Nabha Shende Cheesiano
96 Avinash Kumar Future Supply Chain
97 Vrushabh Aggarwal Pacific City Phone (MI Distributor)
98 Divyang Shah Globeopp Financial Services
99 Preyance Panchal Muthoot Fincorp

iFEEL Campus Placement Year 2018-20

Sr.No. Name Comapny Name
1 Prithesh Dey Naukri. Com
2 Pooja Badade HFFC
3 Akash Kukreja HFFC
4 Manas Jain Berger Paints
5 Priya Chachra Evosys Global Solutions
6 Akshay Kumar Thakur Evosys Global Solutions
7 Sourabh Kumar Jha Doxper
8 Shrikant Vyas Doxper
9 Ayush Kumar Singh Doxper
10 Naveen Sharma Doxper
11 Amit Naresh Ghaywankar Doxper
12 Ashwini Sunil Ahire Doxper
13 Manali Attarde Doxper
14 Pradeep M Jadhav Toppscholars
15 Hitesh Naresh Advani Toppscholars
16 Rakhi Peswani Jaro Education
17 Dhwani Shah Jaro Education
18 himanshu rane ICICI Bank
19 Suyash Chandaliya ICICI Bank
20 Gaurav kumar ICICI Bank
21 Maria Michael Nunes ICICI Bank
22 Ankita Kumari ICICI Bank
23 Akshay Ramesh Vanzara ICICI Bank
24 Clive Lemos ICICI Bank
25 Harsh Vardhan SIngh ICICI Bank
26 Tushar Nair ICICI Bank
27 Ajinkya Panaskar TATA Consultancy services
28 Pranshul Bhargsa Jaro Education
29 Naved Beg Jaro Education
30 Shubhangi Patil Homesfy
31 Rohit Desai Homesfy
32 Sanjita Harmalkar Homesfy
33 Nupoor Savex Technologies
34 Saurabh Pande Savex Technologies
35 Ayush Soni Savex Technologies
36 Amit Yadav Square Yards
37 Ankita Dhudum Square Yards
38 Suyash Shirke Square Yards
39 uday Square Yards
40 Abhilash Square Yards
41 Vishal Kamble Square Yards
42 Himanshu Rajendra Sadaphale Square Yards
43 Animesh Chauhan Square Yards
44 Riya Jaiswal Dwello - JM Financial
45 Radhika Dharkar HFFC
46 Yashank Patel HFFC
47 Subham Singh HFFC
48 Moiz Qutbi HFFC
49 Abhishek Bhosale HFFC
50 Nishil Desai Alchemist
51 Manpreet Singh Alchemist
52 Nishant Gupta Square Yards
53 Pritesh Gughuskar Axion Landbase
54 Pratik Shaw Axion Landbase
55 Akshat Bhatnagar Axion Landbase
56 Ayush Goyal Axion Landbase
57 Eshak Podili ESAF Bank
58 Sunidhi Sharma Rustomjee
59 Shubhankar Ojha Rustomjee
60 Oshin Khetani S&P Global
61 Harsh Shukla S&P Global
62 Jai Kishan S&P Global
63 Maharshi Agarwal Grey Quest
64 Pankaj Nagdev Ceise Fire
65 Azhar Siddique Ceise Fire
66 Yayha Kedar Edelweiss Financial Services
67 Chandrashekhar Edelweiss Financial Services
68 Shubham Purohit Edelweiss Financial Services
69 Unnati Mhadare Edelweiss Financial Services
70 Shubham Katpalliwar Edelweiss Financial Services
71 Nandinien Dubey Edelweiss Financial Services
72 Suraj Kubde HFFC
73 Nikhil Bondre HFFC
74 Ekrar Patel Bajaj Allianz
75 Reshma Ambike Bajaj Allianz
76 Pooja Sanas Bajaj Allianz
77 Ankita Nandanwar Meticulous Resaerch
78 Ankita Naik Byjus

iFEEL Campus Placement Year 2019-21

Sr.No. Name Comapny Name
1 Siddhant Borkar HFFC
2 Rohan Patil HFFC
3 Swaroop Singh Pinclick
4 Shivam Choudhary Pinclick
5 Pranay Fereira Pinclick
6 Ayush Abey Pinclick
7 Rishabh Choudhari Pinclick
8 Pranav Kamble Evosys
9 Rachit Rath GITPL
10 Sakshi Chaudhary GITPL
11 Vineet Nair Zolo Stays
12 Ankita Minj Zolo Stays
13 Arnab Ghosh Markets & Markets
14 Pragati Warghat Nobrkerhood
15 Reshu Jaiswal Nobrkerhood
16 Manish Choudhary Bombay Stock Exchange
17 Abheay Kumar Bombay Stock Exchange
18 Swen Dsilva Bombay Stock Exchange
19 Ankit Tiwari Berger Paints
20 Valentina Atidan Technologies
21 Arohi Rai Property Pistol
22 Sahil Tiwari Property Pistol
23 Anmol Saluja Property Pistol
24 Mansi Shrivastav Property Pistol
25 Vrushali Patil Property Pistol
26 Suraj Yadav Property Pistol
27 Devesh Jetwa Property Pistol
28 Suraj Pandey Property Pistol
29 Shimaaz Hodekar IKS Health
30 Akhil Pillai IKS Health
31 Oshin Surana IKS Health
32 Ruchida zade IKS Health
33 Shruti Satpute IKS Health
34 Abhijeet Padiyar Satguru Travels
35 Himanshu Jeswani Satguru Travels
36 Nithin George Varghese Satguru Travels
37 Aniket Joshi Satguru Travels
38 Anmol Malani Satguru Travels
39 Vaibhav Arun Awagan  Satguru Travels
40 Shubham Sharma Satguru Travels
41 Shravan Shrivastav Satguru Travels
42 Mukesh Prajapati Savex Technologies
43 Ayush Gupta ICICI Bank
44 Charudatta Bhojraj Bante ICICI Bank
46 Hansa Govind Kela ICICI Bank
47 I sai Hiranmayee ICICI Bank
49 Krishna Anil Charkha  ICICI Bank
50 Kunal Rishi ICICI Bank
51 Lawson Xavier Dias ICICI Bank
52 Manish Padalghare ICICI Bank
53 MS Shweta Arun Tiwari ICICI Bank
54 Ninad Prabhakar Singh ICICI Bank
55 Rahul Vilasrao Tidke ICICI Bank
56 Riya Fernandes ICICI Bank
57 Rohan Vijay Pendkar ICICI Bank
58 Rohit Rajiv Mhaskey ICICI Bank
59 Shamli Kavankar   ICICI Bank
60 Sujeet Sudhir Ojale ICICI Bank
61 Tushar Sunil Nasery ICICI Bank
62 vinay suresh kashyap ICICI Bank
63 Vipul Dhagat ICICI Bank
65 Krishna Gupta Lodha Ventures
66 Kishan Mundhada Morningstar
67 Vishal Bhawani PlanetSpark
68 Abhishek Mishra Bharti AXA
69 Shivangi Agrawal   Morningstar
70 Abhinav Jadhav Byju's
71 Mansoor Ahmed Byju's
72 Sarthak Nandanwar GlobeOp
73 Samiksha Sawalker GlobeOp
74 Parimita Board Infinity
75 Vrunda Board Infinity
76 Vinayak Bhalvi Bombay Stock Exchange
77 Rohit Pradhan Bombay Stock Exchange
78 Shivani Vedantu
79 Suyog Homkar   Board Infinity
80 Reena IBN
81 Ayush Jaiswal GlobeOp
82 Vishal Singh Edelweiss
83 Abdul Sohail Edelweiss
84 Abhijeet Makwana Byju's
85 Priyanka Chakroborthy Databridge
86 Isha Mehta DelaPlex Private Limited
87 Komal More Genie InfoTech Pvt. Ltd - GITPL
88 Vishal Anil Singh Evosys
89 Vishwanath Kulal   Evosys
90 Mitansha Rolling Arrays
91 Joel Evosys
92 Kalyani Zope Amazon
93 Rohini Parode Global Survey
94 Kirti Sareen Deutsche Bank
95 Ditesh Yadav Deutsche Bank
96 Yuthika Accenture
97 Manish Gadhe Byju's
98 Ayushi Jain Talent Topper
99 Sunil Madhyan  Talent Topper
100 Rex None
101 Krishna Kruthi Jio
102 Arushi Education Ninja
103 Laxmi Future Generali
104 Riya B Revmeup
105 Ganesh Giramkar Eclerx
106 Sumit Eclerx
107 Mihir Thakar BSE
108 Aditi Bairagi BSE
109 Ashwin Chembakassery BSE
110 Nikita Baldawa Future Generali

iFEEL Campus Placement Year 2020-22

Sr.No. Name Comapny Name
1 Mansi Nilesh Shingnapure Evosys
2 Sindhu Arora Evosys
3 Aman Channawar Evosys
4 Moh. Azhar Khan Evosys
5 Saumya Vyas Evosys
6 Siddharth Bhamare Evosys
7 Vaishnavi Kapse GEP Worldwide
8 Madhur Loya GEP Worldwide
9 Shoheb Khan FactSet
10 Sanjay Pandey FactSet
11 Jason Naukri.com
12 Rutul Patel Propertypistol .com
13 Gagan Deep Propertypistol .com
14 Akshay Tupkari IndiaMart Intermesh Limited
15 Anushil Upgrad
16 Siddhant Desai PinClick
17 Anandu Nair Satguru Travel and Tourism Services
18 Prakhar Satguru Travel and Tourism Services
19 Sagar Bisen Satguru Travel and Tourism Services
20 Nikhil Soni NoBrokerHood
21 Rohan Wasankar HFFC
22 Akash Pardeshi Morning Star
23 Saloni Ghade Morning Star
24 Rohit Khandelwal ICICI Securities Limited
25 Akash Vijay Shinde ICICI Securities Limited
26 Velam M P ICICI Securities Limited
27 Sanika Sudhir Joshi ICICI Securities Limited
28 Rutuja Giri ICICI Securities Limited
29 Shreyas Rajendra Sawant ICICI Securities Limited
30 Prachi Shrivastav ICICI Securities Limited
31 Kartik Balasaheb Jadhav ICICI Securities Limited
32 Muskan Jain ICICI Securities Limited
33 Shreya Behalpande ICICI Securities Limited
34 Prachi Ware ICICI Securities Limited
35 Dhairya Jain ICICI Securities Limited
36 Ashish Sherigar ICICI Securities Limited
37 Pratiksha kochar ICICI Securities Limited
38 Samiksha Bohre ICICI Securities Limited
39 Harshal Rewatkar Tata Consultancy Services
40 Prajakta Meshram ICICI Securities Limited
41 Ali Khan BYJU'S
42 Abhijit Chauhan BYJU'S
43 Sarthak Sharma BYJU'S
44 Arjun Tarte BYJU'S
45 Kajal Mittawar BYJU'S
46 Shivanee Katariya BYJU'S
47 Pramod Rankawat BYJU'S
48 Jayesh Noroliya BYJU'S
49 Nihar Kohale BYJU'S
50 Rohil Gupta Satguru Travel and Tourism Services
51 Bhavik Kamble Dwello
52 Tushar Likhar Mordor Intelligence
53 Himani Nipane Morning Star
54 Ayswariya Roy Allied Analytics
55 Priyanka Arote HCL Technologies
56 Sahil Dumbere HCL Technologies
57 Trupti Sakhala No Brokerhood
58 Prachi Parmar HCL Technologies
59 Utkarsha Funde Thoughtworks
60 Sonam Kumari HCL Technologies
61 Neelam Naik HCL Technologies
62 Payal Bamrotwar Thoughtworks
63 Trupti Dharmik Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd
64 Bharvy Prajapati HCL Technologies
65 Ronak Agrawal HCL Technologies
66 Yash Choubey HCL Technologies
67 Vishnu Venugopal HCL Technologies
68 Divya Yewalekar S&P Global
69 Anjali Warbe HCL Technologies
70 Smit Chobitkar HCL Technologies
71 Sameer Revanand meshram ICICI Bank
72 Vishvapal Singh ICICI Bank
73 Brijesh Yadav ICICI Bank
74 Jaya Dhakate ICICI Bank
76 Astle Dias ICICI Bank
77 Naman Gupta ICICI Bank
78 Gaurav Kabra Satguru Travel and Tourism Services
79 Vaishnavi Sarda HCL Technologies
80 Samarth Parmar SG Analytics
81 Ninad Pate HCL Technologies
82 Sanika Gawde SG Analytics
83 Ken Robello SS&C Globe Op
84 Haripriya SS&C Globe Op
85 Bhoomika Chandak Edelweiss Wealth Management
86 Bhoomi Anand Edelweiss Wealth Management
87 Anuja Sarang Edelweiss Wealth Management
88 Numaan Quazi Jaro Education
89 Maitreyee Raut Trueblue Inc

iFEEL Campus Placement Year 2021-23

Sr.No. Name Comapny Name
1 Rahul Singh InfoEdge (Naukri.com)
2 Chirag Baria IPSOS
3 Saloni Khandelwal Tata AIG
4 Nachiket Dhote IPSOS
5 Rutuja Nawade OTIS
6 Khushi Sharma Khimji Ramdas
7 Pratik Jagdish Kharivale Federal Bank
9 Aman Deepak Shah Federal Bank
10 Bincy Mathew Karukayil Federal Bank
11 Rachi Khobragade eClerx
12 Chetan Suresh Choure eClerx
13 Chirag chouhan eClerx
15 Saurabh Takhatraj Solanki eClerx
16 Mahima Agrawal eClerx
17 Sairaj Vijay Acharekar eClerx
18 Bhumiraj Narottam Patil eClerx
19 Prashant Rajurkar e-Emphasys Technologies
20 Gargi Adsule e-Emphasys Technologies
21 Shivam Anil Dubey HDFC Life
22 Rahul Dhanaji Nevase Satguru Travel and Tourism Services
23 Shivanjali Dhumal HDFC Life
24 Shahid Karim Shaikh HDFC Life
25 Vineet Khanna Xanadu Realty
26 Harshit Agarwal Satguru Travel and Tourism Services
27 "Aniket Chakraborty Xanadu Realty
28 Namami Joshi Xanadu Realty
29 Payal Rathore Xanadu Realty
30 Abhishek Shetty Xanadu Realty
31 Parul Purohit Xanadu Realty
32 Ayush Jain Satguru Travel and Tourism Services
33 Atharv chourey TCS
34 VAIBHAVI SUBHASH NAIK Alchemist Marketing & Talent Solutions
35 Taniya soni Alchemist Marketing & Talent Solutions
36 Muskan Agrawal Alchemist Marketing & Talent Solutions
37 Bhavin Jayant Thakkar Tata Consumer Products
38 Ashutosh Karan Morningstar
41 Hansika Upadhyay Morningstar
42 Abhisar Bundale Morningstar
43 Rudresh Pramod Shringare Morningstar
44 Manjiri Brahmankar Morningstar
45 Dukka . Gowtham siva naga manideep Morningstar
46 Shivdatta Chopde Morningstar
47 Mohammad Uzer Maheboob Mangrule Morningstar
48 Sakshi yadav Morningstar
49 Vaishnavi Tikesh Shripdwar Morningstar
50 Rakshita Dungerwal API Holdings - Pharmeasy
51 Disha Sanjay Sadavarte NoBrokerHood
52 Swapnil deepak shinde Rentokil PCI
53 Nikhil Sumaran Khakre Jaro Education
54 Manthan Shirke Homesfy Realty Ltd
55 Yash kishor polshettiwar Homesfy Realty Ltd
56 Nikita Sahu Homesfy Realty Ltd
57 Palak Rathore Homesfy Realty Ltd
58 Chaitanya Naresh Bhujade Homesfy Realty Ltd
59 Ayush Gadiya Homesfy Realty Ltd
60 Gayathri Murugan Homesfy Realty Ltd
61 Vrushali Avinash Kalamkar HurixDigital
62 Aishwarya Anil Deorukhkar NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrasatructure, India
63 Kratika Jain HFFC
64 Vidyasagar vishwambhar patil HDB Financial Services Ltd

iFEEL Campus Placement Year 2022-24

Sr.No. Name Comapny Name
1 Ashutosh Tah Home First Finance Company
2 Sakshi Arvind Dhande LS Digital
3 Kiran Ramesh Panchal LS Digital
4 Saihita Ajgaonkar OTIS
5 Sunny Kasera IndiaMart
6 Revati galphade Morningstar
7 Seema yadav Morningstar
8 Shashikant patel Morningstar
9 Shrukti Tamakuwala Morningstar
11 Hitesh Ravindra Patil Morningstar
12 Gaurav Subhash surve Morningstar
13 Harshal Rajendra Sawale Satguru Travels
15 Harshit panwar LS Digital
16 Yogesh Ganesh Pawar HDFC Life
17 Sandesh Tripathi HDFC Life
18 Akash Ingaleshwar HDFC Life
19 Shrushti Dhenge LS Digital
20 Mohak badkas LS Digital
21 Ankita sahu HDFC Life
22 Lennox Dsouza HDFC Life
23 Avanti Subhash Ingle LS Digital
24 Khishabh Brijwani Tata Consumer Products Limited
25 Akash Tiwari Tata Consumer Products Limited
26 Priyanka Yadav eClerx
27 Vidhi Pankaj Shah eClerx
28 Bishal Dam ICICI Securities
29 Buddhasen Dhiver ICICI Securities
30 Sakshi santokchand ostwal Stanza Living
31 Chirag Kiran Bhole Dwello - JM Financial
32 Sharon Dive Dwello - JM Financial
33 TEJAS MAHADEO DHAKARE Dwello - JM Financial
34 Anash Qureshi Homesfy Realty Ltd
35 Omkar Sanjay Padalikar Homesfy Realty Ltd
36 Rakesh Patel Dwello - JM Financial
37 Kiran ramchandra bahir Dwello - JM Financial
38 Krutika Gaikwad Aditya Birla Capital
39 Vivek Sanjay Diwnale Aditya Birla Capital
40 Aditya Nijwante Aditya Birla Capital
41 Mrunal Chavan Accenture
43 Athrav Joshi Lok Chemicals
44 Mohit Kava IIFL Securities
45 Narendra Dave Team Computers
46 Dishant Tushar Mehta Team Computers
47 Aniket Manohar Khopatkar HDFC Life
48 Ashwini Anil Deshmukh HDFC Life
49 Manish Madhukar Bhoir HDFC Life
50 Mayuri Bharat Gholap HDFC Life
51 Ritul Upendra Bhongade HDFC Life
52 Sneha vaidhya HDFC Life
54 Yuvraj Pradeep Chimane HDFC Life
55 Chinmai Ashok Kakde IDFC Bank
56 Avdhesh Yadav HDFC Life
57 Divyanshu Neeraj Jain ESAF Bank
58 Vijay soni ESAF Bank
59 Meera tatyarao mugale Oracle
60 Samudra Salian Oracle
61 Somesh Satish Nimkar Propertypistol
62 Ajay yograj rahate Homesfy Realty Ltd
63 Kartik Ahuja Homesfy Realty Ltd
64 Tilak Uddhav Sonawane Dg Note
65 Akash Murarilal Sharma IIFL Securities
66 Vedika Gupta Homesfy Realty Ltd
67 Nirwan S Awale Homesfy Realty Ltd
68 Siddharth Sonar Homesfy Realty Ltd
69 Chintan Parmar IIFL Securities
70 Bhushan Vishwanath Kadam Homesfy Realty Ltd
71 Kshipra Singh Resonacle
72 Nazmeen Amir Shaikh Link Group
73 Gopesh joshi DgNote
74 Yash nitin nimbalkar Self - Placed
75 Yashashree Vijay Bhamare Link Group
76 Sakshi Chitlange Link Group
77 Badal Panchbhai SHomesfy Realty Ltd
78 Qutbuddin kamlapur wala Link Group
79 Harshita gupta Link Group
80 Nikita Dayalkar Stanza Living
82 Pragya singh NoBroker
83 Karan Rai Team Computers
84 Hrishikesh Sharad Hadgal MUFG
85 Nitin Kumar Pandey EasyEcom
86 Renuka Huse Assa Abloy India Private Ltd
87 Ayan Datta Self - Placed
88 Astha Maurya Self - Placed

Contact Details: Placements and Internship

Puja Mahimkar - Placement Head
Mail ID: puja.m@ifeel.edu.in
Contact No: +91-9167953853

Jeel Shah - Lead - Corporate Relations & Placements
Mail ID: jeel.s@ifeel.edu.in
Contact No: +91-7208804213