PGDM in Human Resource with HR Tablet certification

The Human Resource Management learning involves a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices and challenges of managing human capital within organizations. The curriculum of HR specialization students of iFEEL start with the fundamental concepts of HRM including the role of HR in organizations, HR planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection and onboarding. It emphasize the importance of aligning HR strategies with organizational goals and objectives. The curriculum covers the legal and ethical dimensions of HRM helping students understand the legal obligations and ethical responsibilities of HR professionals. The curriculum covers the topics related to talent acquisition exploring contemporary approaches to attract and retain top talent.

Specialization Subjects

Course Code Subject Credits
HPDI HR Policy Design and Implementation 3
IRLL Industrial Relations and Labour Law 3
PMS Performance Appraisal Management System 3
TND Training and Development 3
CNB Compensation& Benefits 3
SHRM Strategic Human Resource Management 3
ODDI Organizational Development Design & Intervention 3
EE Employee Engagement 3

Scope of Human Resource Management

The scope of Human Resource Management is broad and encompasses various aspects of managing human capital within organizations. HRM focuses on effectively acquiring, developing, and managing employees to support organizational goals and create a positive work environment. Some key areas that fall within the scope of Human Resource Management are Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations Employment Law and Compliance, HR Information Systems, Talent Management, Organizational Development, Employee Wellbeing and Work-life Balance etc.

The scope of a Human Resource Management is applicable to organizations across various sectors and industries. HRM professionals play critical role in attracting, developing, and retaining the talented workforce, ensuring compliance with labour laws, and creating a positive work environment that contributes to organizational success.

HR Tablet Certification

HR Tablet certification includes HR staffing manager and recruitment excellence, which offers several benefits to the HR specialization students interested in pursuing careers in talent acquisition and recruitment. Some of the key advantages of this certification are specialized knowledge and skills, industry recognition, improved recruitment practices, effective candidate assessment, recruitment metrics and analytics, compliance and legal knowledge, networking opportunities, and career advancement. .

Positions Offered

Dedicated Associate Recruiter with a PGDM in Human Resources. Proficient in talent acquisition, screening, and interviewing. Committed to sourcing top-tier candidates, fostering positive candidate experiences, and contributing to organizational success through effective human resource management practices.

Dynamic Human Resource professional specializing in Learning and Development, holding a PGDM in Human Resources. Skilled in designing and implementing training programs, fostering employee growth, and aligning organizational goals with talent development strategies for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Enthusiastic Management Trainee in HR, armed with a PGDM in Human Resource. Eager to apply academic knowledge in talent acquisition, employee engagement, and HR processes. Ready to contribute to a dynamic team, fostering a positive work culture and supporting organizational development.

Proactive Talent Acquisition Executive with a PGDM in Human Resources. Proficient in sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding top talent. Dedicated to aligning organizational objectives with strategic recruitment initiatives, ensuring a robust workforce that drives company success and growth.

Passionate Sustainability Specialist in HR, equipped with a PGDM in Human Resources. Adept at integrating sustainable practices into HR processes, fostering a green workplace, and championing eco-friendly initiatives. Committed to aligning environmental and social responsibility with HR strategies for a sustainable and ethical organizational culture.