PGDM in Operations with Six Sigma certification

Operations management education needs strong foundation in concepts, tools and techniques related to managing business operations effectively. The curriculum of Operations management at iFEEL starts by introducing students to the fundamental concepts of operations management, including the role of operations in organizations, operations strategy, process design, capacity planning, quality management etc. It emphasizes the importance of operations in delivering value to customers and achieving organizational goals. The real world examples and case studies are used to demonstrate how operations management principles are applied in various industries and sectors. It illustrate how different companies optimize their operations to gain a competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction.

Specialization Subjects

Course Code Subject Credits
PM Project Management 3
WCM World Class Manufacturing 3
ERP Enterprise wide Resource Planning 3
TOC Derivatives & Risk Management 3
QM Quality Management 3
SOM Service Operations Management 3
OR Operations Research 3
SCM Supply Chain Management 3

Scope of Operation Management

The scope of Operations Management is extensive and encompasses various aspects of managing operations within organizations. Operations management involves the design, planning, execution, and control of processes and systems to deliver goods and services efficiently. Some key areas that fall within the scope of Operations Management are Process Design and improvement, Supply Chain Management, Production Planning and Control, Quality Management, Operations strategy, Project Management, Inventory Management, Operations Analytics,Facilities and Layout Planning, Sustainability and Green Operations etc.

The scope of Operations Management is applicable to various industries, including manufacturing, service, healthcare, logistics, retail, andtechnology. Operations Managers play a critical role in ensuring operational excellence, driving efficiency, and delivering value to customers.

Six Sigma Certification

The Six Sigma certification offered by iFEEL to the Operations specialization students has several benefits like enhanced problem solving skills, process improvement expertise, data driven decision making, Quality Management skills, Career advancement opportunities, Cross-functional collaboration, industry recognition, continuous learning and professional growth, networking opportunities, and improved employability.

Positions Offered

Resourceful Associate Consultant with a PGDM in Operations. Proven expertise in optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency, and delivering strategic solutions. Adept at data analysis and project management, committed to driving operational excellence and contributing to organizational success.

Dynamic Associate Business Analyst with a PGDM in Operations. Proficient in data analysis, process improvement, and strategic problem-solving. Committed to leveraging analytical skills to drive business insights, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to informed decision-making within a dynamic organizational environment.

Innovative Solution Design Software professional with a PGDM in Operations. Expertise in crafting efficient software solutions, streamlining processes, and optimizing business operations. Dedicated to delivering impactful technological solutions that align with organizational goals and drive operational excellence.

Eager Management Trainee in Operations with a PGDM. Quick learner and analytical thinker, ready to apply operational management principles. Aiming to contribute fresh perspectives, enhance processes, and drive efficiency within a dynamic organizational setting to support overall business success.

Detail-oriented Operations Coordinator with a PGDM in Operations. Proficient in coordinating logistics, optimizing workflows, and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. Adept at problem-solving and communication. Committed to driving efficiency and contributing to the operational success of the organization.