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An entrepreneur’s journey begins with a thought; then moves on to organization of the thought into ideas and plans, and finally transformation of these plans into reality. It all begins uwith an imagination and grows to become something so tangible and valuable.

iFEEL’s Entrepreneurship Cell Team got nationally recognized at the National Entrepreneurship Challenge 2015 at IIT Bomaby due to its entrepreneurship ecosystem in the campus. It is this vision, coupled with a survey result which proved that 83% of the iFEEL students aspire to become an entrepreneur. Based on the various stakeholder’s interviews like students, colleges, incubators, startups and national and international mentors about the entrepreneurial journey, Ifeel has successfully overcome the following challenges for the budding entrepreneurs:
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  • Lack of guidance in establishing b-plans.
  • Confusion among students about the future of being an entrepreneur.
  • Time constraint due to academic pressure.
  • A very common problem after getting an idea. ”What to do next?”

It is the vision of an e-cell to help its aspiring entrepreneurs to step into a different world where they are mentored in every walk of their entrepreneurial journey and be pruned and refined. The following attributes of institutional entrepreneurship eco-system help to acknowledgment, motivation and more credibility of E- Cell, iFEEL:

• Credits: The curriculum includes the credits of entrepreneurship activities as it is part of the semester system.
• 18 again: Students who opt out from the placement process of the college to try out their business idea are   given a time period of 18 months to work on their business. if not successful they can come back for    placement process
• D- Baithak: A space for startup businesses will be given free of charge or at a very nominal rate to run his/her   business for18 months
• Collaborate to create: Cross Domain workshops & Tie Ups with colleges
• Entrepreneur’s Life Cycle: Entrepreneurs at different stages have different needs

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• E-Steps workbook: 60 Days Review process mechanism-Will provide them guidance by professional /    entrepreneurs mentors of the different sectors
• Women Entrepreneurship: A STEP PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE

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